Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why Birth Control and Booking Your Month!

Birth Control.
You would think that being on birth control is counter intuitive. However, the reasoning makes sense.

1. Allows all your follicles (the little bumps on the outside of the ovaries where the eggs eventually go) to  all become the same size and it quiets them down so some are not bigger then others.
2. Allows your body to rest.
3. Takes control of your cycle.
4. Allow for planning purposes.

So, they put me on BC for 40 days. Well 41, but that is another story for later.

So after knowing we needed to do IVF, it took us 7 months between weddings and traveling to schedule a time that was not stressful. So we did that. The Gyft clinic always schedules for the aspiration (egg and sperm retrieval) to be the first week of every month. So with my trip to Kilimanjaro we settled on the first week of August being our month. So once I came home from Africa, it was preparing for baby making time for me!

Our month was scheduled, I was on birth control, and it is waiting time!

When you schedule with the nurses, they will give you this calendar. Do I ever love having things scheduled!

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