Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adding In The Second Shot Today - Day 10

Today is an important day! The addition of the second shot. 
So we had been doing the follistim to make lots of my follicles grow. 

Shot #2!
Today we add in the ganarillex which is used to tell my brain to not release the eggs into the bigger follicles. It says, "STOP!"

This is a single shot in the muscle of my leg. And the nurse said expect it to hurt, expect it to become a huge welt and a rash. And I got nothing. No pain, no welt, no rash. So much so I asked her the next day if I did something wrong!?! She said, "No. I was just one of the lucky ones." Thomas said it was because he was such an amazing shot giver. I will take both of those reasons, thank you!

Today my follicle numbers are:
2 @ 12
2 @ 11
1 @ 10
3 @ 9
2 @ 11
3 @ 9
2 @ 8
My uterine lining is 4.5. 
Yay! Things are moving along!!!

My estradiol level is 821. So much higher!

All the things I need. My shots and my oils.

This man. The best shot giver ever.
Things are moving along...

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