Monday, August 11, 2014

Buying ALL The Meds

The Medications
If you have known anyone with fertility issues, you know that they will use meds at some point or another to help them get pregnant when working through a doctor. What I have learned is that most women will go on fertility drugs for a few months to up their follicle count before they try IVF. Well we never had to do that since we have to go straight to the big guns.

So here I was, on birth control and ready to start this whole IVF process. The nurses informed me that they would call in my order and then the pharmacy would contact me about the meds I would need. I loved that I did not have to try and be the go between the nurses and the pharmaceutical company getting all the names right.

So when MDR/Encino Pharmacy called me, they took my insurance to see if any of it would be covered. Thankfully a bit was! And the cost was still steep! $1400 later…. Yeah, that was harsh. And with insurance! Oh and you do pay the pharmacy directly.

The gal informed me that these meds are overnighted because there are some that need to be refrigerated. My nurse has informed me that I needed the meds before my injection training, so that they can see if everything is accounted for.

My injection training was going to be on a Sunday, so naturally I let things go until I realized on Wednesday that the gal had not actually set up a time for my meds to be mailed! So I quickly called her and after a day of phone tag, I finally got ahold of her and we got the meds ordered and delivered on Friday. Nothing like last minute!
Everything I needed to prep my body to make a baby.
Don't worry, I also have all my essential oils to go with!
I used Panaway, Lavender, Copaiba, Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense, and Valor during the process.
All for bruising, prepping my veins, pain killers and inflammation! Oh and Progessence Plus which is a natural progesterone!

I love that I have gotten rid of all chemicals, toxins, and over the counter meds in my house, but I know we could not have kiddos without these drugs! So I take them and I add my oils on top knowing that God will work ultimately.

One of the ethical dilemma's Thomas and I prayed over was whether or not to change the course of meds the dr proscribes to be more natural. We decided not to because we want the greatest chance of success with what they already know works.

But that doesn't mean that I won't add on oils that I truly believe do make a natural difference in how our bodies work!

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