Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Injection Training

Injection Training
Immediately following the Sonohystergram, we followed sweet Charlene, my nurse, into the nurse's station to take the injection training.

Now I love that I am married to a man who was a medic in the Army. He has a pretty cool head on his shoulders and that in his learning how to give shots and do IV's, my veins were no where near him. Granted it has been a few years, but it's like riding a bike, right? I sure hope so! And who knows, maybe I can even do it! We will see though. We will see.

The only request for this training was that we bring all the meds except the refrigerated ones. So in I go with my cute little bag full of future life blood.

Charlene looked through everything to ensure it was all there in the correct quantity. Definitely bring the sheet they give you that says how much of the refrigerated meds there are. Or take a picture of the boxes.

She showed us how to load this little dial up shot giver and how to get the very last drop of these crazy expensive drugs out of the vial. She tells you which shots to be given in the stomach fat and which in the leg muscle. They come with plenty of needle tips, but I did need to go out and buy alcohol swabs. Oh and band-aids if you feel as though you need one.

There are also all the meds for "extraction" day which she explains a little.

I would make sure you ask what each medication if for and when you will use it. Although they are good about telling you what to use when, for me it is always best to hear it twice to make sure I am doing the correct thing. There is just too much riding on the line to not get it right!

Now that this is all done, we just wait for the last birth control day and then day 1 of my cycle! We are so stinking close!!!

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