Monday, August 25, 2014

And Another Appointment - Day 9

Today I just waited for call for how my hormones were doing and whether they were going to change follistim dosage.

At the appointment I was told that as the follicles grow it will start to be uncomfortable, I was curious why? She said my ovaries will eventually be twice the size they ever are in normal life!
Thomas' response to hearing this? "Babe, I like your big ovaries."
That man.

Ok and now for my numbers:
left side
1 @ 10
3 @ 9
4 @ 8

1 @ 9
2 @ 8
1 @ 7
The nurse told me I needed to be up to 12 - 14 mm.
I am about a day and a half behind, but because of the BC they think my body is just taking a little longer to warm up. Why didn't they tell me that 2 days ago!?!

This moves the extraction day out a day or 2 now. Which is still in our 3 day window!

The ultimate goal is to get 12 follicles in the 17 - 21 mm range

And starting now I need to increase my protein, water, and electrolytes

My uterine lining is 4.3

My estrodial level is at 500. Which is rising.

But she said I have beautiful ovaries. :) The little things, right?
I got a text from a co-worker saying I was missing a beautiful sunrise. This is what I saw when I ran outside.
When I went into acupuncture later that day, I realized that I was starting to feel my ovaries. It felt like I was ovulating. Yes I realize that most people don't feel that, but when you have been on this adventure for 3 years, you are well aware of your body.

Janelle my fabulous acupuncturist asked if I started getting headaches from the shots or breaking out or bloating? No. Thank goodness. No. But good to know that those are things I can expect.

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