Wednesday, December 9, 2015

FET Follow Up Appointment

 - Follow Up Appt -
Thomas and I went into our appointment yesterday for our first Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle follow up.

 And it went exactly how I thought it would.
You see, this last round was a perfect round.

My lining was the 6mm triple lining they wanted because the amount of Lupron they gave me to stimulate it.
 All the blood work was perfect.
So were the ultrasounds.
The embryos thawed out perfectly and were starting to re-expand already.
The procedure to transfer them also went perfect.
And we still did not get pregnant.

Statistics folks.
They are statistics for a reason.
For every embryo transferred, it is only a 25% change that they will implant.
And those 2 littles did not.
And it is perfectly ok.

Because the best news is, WE HAVE 3 MORE LITTLES!
And we get to try again. 
And that makes my heart happy.

And we get to try again immediately.
Which means after the negative test, it took me 6 days to be weened off of the estrogen to start again. 
That was a lot of estrogen I was on folks, if I had to be weened off of it?! Yikes.
And here is where some of you may no longer want to read. Lots of TMI going on in there.
Skip to the what's next part.

- Cycle to Cycle -
I started my cycle with in a day of being weened of the hormones.
Normally they would start me on Lupron 21 days after the start of my cycle so that I could be on it for 7 days before I start my next cycle and the beginning of  FET ROUND 2!!!
(Remember that Lupron suppressed my system so that I don't ovulate? We don't want my body messing up this round by doing something like ovulating!)

Whelp since I have a 33-34 day cycle not the normal 28 day cycle (day 1 of starting cycle until the last day before the start of the next cycle), I get to start Lupron at day 26.
Which puts me right smack in the middle of my California Christmas time. 
But this is why I love the Gyft Clinic. My nurse said that they can do the ultrasound on the 23rd right before I leave and I can start Lupron on the 26th still. Love those flexible ladies.
Now we just need to pray that I actually keep my 33-34 day cycle and don't start early!
We can't have that now!
Basically that will bring me to the 2nd or 3rd of Jan and we get back the morning of the 3rd. 
So I could get into the Gyft Clinic on the 3rd day after my cycle starts (the 4th ish) and all will be right in the world.
- What's Next-
We need prayer that my cycle will not start any earlier then the 2nd.
Unless God has other plans and timing. In which case, do your thing cycle, do your thing.
Second, Dr Murrain did not think we were crazy yesterday when we said we wanted to put all 3 littles in this next round. So pray with us that if God wants us to put in less that He will show us!

And third, when I start up the estrogen in January, that I will have prepped myself (and Thomas)! 
That is rough you guys. But that is for another post. 
Whew! Seriously rough!

And finally. if everything works out perfectly and we do indeed start this round on the 2nd, I will give you all the calender again then.

Until then, enjoying the month of December and all that this Christmas season brings.
And definitely trusting the journey we are on.