Tuesday, March 29, 2016

12 Weeks

 Week 12 Complete
How far along? 12 Weeks 1 Day
Baby is the size of: An apricot or toy soldier. 56.93 mm
What did the baby develop: The wee one is practicing breathing amniotic fluid (consisting of water, skin cells, and waste), kidneys are functioning and system is build up for the first poop, controlling command over the wee ones reflexes, learning to curl fingers and toes, and the wee ones chin lifts off the chest now.
Gender: Unknown to us.
How many:1 little squishy
Showing a bump: Yep. 2 people pointed it out to me on Easter Sunday.
Maternity clothes: Nope, but when do you know to transition?
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: Still sleeping well. More active, so not having the time to nap as much.
Movement: Like crazy on the ultrasound, but I can't feel it yet. Squishy was moving so much during the ultrasound, Thomas put his hand on my stomach to see if he could feel. Even I can't feel it yet though. 
Best moment this week: Reaching the first trimester mark on Easter Sunday. I have officially entered into my second trimester and the miscarriage rate dropped below double digits.
Miss anything: Not getting shots!
Medical Help: Still daily progesterone shots, but now only have to do 2 mg of estrodial! Yay!!! Only 2 more weeks and I am done completely!
Emotionally Feeling: Good! Although so ready to be done with the meds.
Belly button in or out: In
Food cravings: Nope. Still avoiding sweets, although had a wee bit of cake on Easter and it didn't take me out like it would have weeks before.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sweets and brushing my teeth make me gag and dry heave. Definitely have to eat breakfast after I brush my teeth!
Symptoms/Side effects: Slight headaches, linea nigra, going to the bathroom a lot, but not actually going all that much.
Wedding ring off or on: On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to:  Hopefully it is true and second trimester is WAY better and I won't feel as yucky. Although I know I have felt pretty good in comparison to most!
Things they don't tell you about pregnancy: I don't know if it is just me, but it has been uncomfortable to rest my hands or really any weight on my stomach for some time. Which I think is interesting because I feel like all pregnant ladies always have their hands resting on their stomach. Maybe it is just me though.

On the bottom ultrasound pic you can see the bright line of the little spine and you can see legs! 
I know the sweater isn't helping see the baby bump, but it is officially here!
Little Squishy is officially measuring at 56.93 mm which is 12 weeks and 2 days. The gestational sack is measuring at 62.02 mm which is 12 weeks and 3 days giving plenty of room to move around in! Little heart beat is going at 170.45 beats per minute and the blood clot is almost gone, measuring at 14.59 mm at the longest. He really had to search to find it!

So this is our last appointment with Dr Murrain at the Gyft Clinic. We have officially "graduated" to an OB/Midwife. Although it is definitely sad to leave all of our favorite people behind, it is definitely not sad, because we are now "normal" pregnant people who get to do everything the same as most people! I can say how incredible it has been to see so much so early on though. This also means, no more weekly ultrasound pictures. Mostly likely we will only get the 20 week ultrasound and then pictures of a wee one at 40 weeks. So you get to just see my little bump grow for the next 28 weeks instead :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

11 Weeks

 Week 11 Complete
How far along? 11 weeks and 1 day!
Baby is the size of: A poker chip, a brussel sprout, or a large lime! 47.70 mm's long
What did the baby develop: All the little fingers and toes are losing their webbing, everything is developed and now is just growing, starting to move and develop coordination by learn things like sucking their thumb. At this point the placenta is taking control of the hormone production, so the sickness feeling will go away!
Gender: Unknown to us.
How many:1 little squishy
Showing a bump: Still not really, but after dinner, you can definitely tell I am full more then normal. My food is clearly not going to the same place it was before.
Maternity clothes: Nope. There are some of my pants that I have put away because they are too uncomfortable though.
Stretch marks: Nope.
Sleep: Still sleeping really well and napping at times too.
Movement: Only on the ultrasound screen!
Best moment this week: Meeting with Neva, our midwife. Simply knowing who we are using to walk through this journey with us is a relief!
Miss anything:I am getting back into the swing of normal life. I am still more tired then normal, but being up and about has made a world of difference in feeling pretty good all day long.
Medical Help:Still doing the estrodial pills 4 times a day and the progesterone shot 1 time a day.
Emotionally Feeling: Up beat. Finding the balance between allowing myself to rest and yet still being some what productive.
Belly button in or out: In
Food cravings: Nope.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells still turn my stomach. Also brushing my teeth can make me gag.
Symptoms/Side effects: I hiccup/burp often. Not being able to eat normal size meals is weird. I still eat snacks constantly though. There are random pains, zero energy, not losing any hair, already feeling a few of the effects of relaxin in my ligaments and tendons.
Wedding ring off or on: On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Our last ultrasound with Dr Murrain next week! It is a bitter sweet time of "graduating" from the Gyft Clinic and yet leaving these people that have walked our journey for the last 2 years with us.
Things they don't tell you about pregnancy: For me it was nothing major, but you I just kinda feel off all the time. There is no way to describe that to people.
These are the sweetest little booties from a friend who has walked this road with us from the start.  You guys are my village! Thank you for walking with me! Thank you Alisha!
These are awesome! The first one you see baby from top to bottom. This second one shows the head, some fingers up by the mouth, and then you can see the little legs crossed on the top right. So great! 
The size of this little peanuts hand!
And here I am. Still not really showing. 
Hello my sweet village! I am continually amazed at all of you people who surround us and love us. We are just so thankful for you! Seriously. From the bottom of our hearts we love you and can't wait for so many of you to meet this little nugget in 29 short weeks :)

Not for the weekly appointment report. Little squishy is 47.70 mm long which is measuring at 11 weeks and 4 days. The sac is measuring at 52.32 mm which is right for 11 weeks and 0 days.

The heart beat is 174.62 beats per minute.

The clot is down to 15.75 mm, but we can clearly see where it has clotted and turned completely back to a part of the uterus. So great!

Everything looks great according to the ultrasound and the appointment. Honestly this has been a pretty great week in regards to feeling good. And the best part was meeting with the midwife and knowing we have someone who is going to walk this journey with us! So excited!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 Weeks

Week 10 Complete
How far along? 10 Weeks, 1 Day
Baby is the size of: A lego man!!! Or 35.41 mm
What did the baby develop: Beginning to develop teeth, peach fuzz, elbows and other joints. f it's a boy, he is now producing testosterone. And squishy's digestive system is functional and transporting food matter to the little bowels!
Gender: Unknown to us.
How many:1 little squishy
Showing a bump: Not yet. I just look like I had a big meal.
Maternity clothes: Nope, but I have stopped wearing a few pairs of pants that are too uncomfortable on my stomach.
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Still sleeping well at night and I may or may not take a 15-30 minute nap during my lunch break most days.
Movement: I don't feel it, but wow I could see it like crazy on the ultrasound!
Best moment this week: Hitting double digits in weeks! 1/4th of the way through enjoying this pregnancy!
Miss anything: Being able to eat anything I want. But it is getting better!
Medical Help: Still on the progesterone daily and the estrogen 4 times a day. 6 more weeks and I am done!
Emotionally Feeling: Good. Even feeling more energetic which lifts my mood too!
Belly button in or out: In
Food cravings: Not really this week. Want to get back to eating more veggies again though.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of TONS of things. And taking my pills with room temperature water. The one thing that made me throw up so far this pregnancy. Bad idea! 
Symptoms/Side effects: I know have a constant tickle in my throat. Might be the start of constant post nasal drip. I hiccup/burp often. Not being able to eat normal size meals. I still eat snacks constantly, but not my meals have to be smaller too or it makes me feel yucky.
Wedding ring off or on: On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but tired
Looking forward to: Meeting with the midwife next week to see if she will be our person.
Things they don't tell you about pregnancy: How all consuming the first trimester tiredness is. No one can prep you for that!

This little lego man in the palm of Thomas' hand, has been in our kitchen as a joke for years. And now this is the actual size of our little dancing squishy.
Squishy had their hands up and was dancing for us!
I love this ultrasound picture because you can so clearly see the 2 hemispheres of the little brain! And yes Thomas said it looked like an alien. We all see it people.
I may have been slouching a little bit. Thomas and I struggle with this whole weekly photo thing. One day we will get it.
If you make this picture the size of your smart phone you can see how big my wee one's hand is at this moment. Once of the favorite features of an app a sweet friend introduced me too.
The appointment today was just sweet. The size was just perfect, measuring at 10 weeks and 3 days. The sac was also measuring at 41.62 mm and the yolk sac was still symmetrical and the amniotic sac was slowly joining the gestational sac which is perfectly what it is supposed to do.

Our wee one was doing a little over the head arm dance for us. You guys, it still so totally blows my mind to watch this little squishy move, knowing it is inside of me, but not feeling it. Seriously mind blowing. The heart beat was perfect at 178.57 and the movement is perfect because again, a baby that is not doing well is not going to move like that.

As for the blood clot, it is down to only 15.03 mm that we can see in a continuous measurement. It is definitely going away!

We now at 10 weeks have the choice of doing blood work on me to see if there are different genetic abnormalities that can be found in the DNA of squishy. That is a conversation Thomas and I get to have, but I am still amazed that it is even an option. Modern medicine is truly astounding.

Over all we are doing well here in the Kucera household. I have found that my protein intake is mandatory in the morning in order for me to have a good day. If not, I get headaches which I also get if I eat sweets (or sometimes even smell them). But with the exception of throwing up the one time from taking my pills, I have been relatively nauseous and throwing up free. All in all, a good week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

9 Weeks

Week 9 Complete
How far along? 9 Weeks 1 Day
Babies are the size of: A playing jack, a southern pecan, about an inch, or 25.37 mm
What did the babies develop: All of squishes body parts are intact! Now they just have to grow! This little is developing a sense of balance and all of the organs are starting to work including taste buds! Also has toes, bones in the arms, and joints that bend at the elbows.
Gender: Unknown to us
How many: 1 little squishy.
Showing a bump: Nope
Maternity clothes: Nope
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: Still going strong at night and now napping daily.
Movement: Yes! We saw it on the ultrasound! But I can't feel it yet.
Best moment this week: All restrictions being lifted as well as knowing that we are now passed every milestone from our last pregnancy. And this is going strong. God has this little one in the palm of His hand.
Miss anything: Being able to eat anything I want.
Medical Help: Daily progesterone shots and 4x daily estrogen pills
Emotionally Feeling: Tired, but still thrilled at this beautiful process
Belly button in or out: In
Food cravings: This week I wanted pasta, but over all loving carbs and meat.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sweets, water, and lots of smells
Symptoms/Side effects:Yes. So many. Linea nigrea, feel yucky when don't eat enough, random pains, zero energy, not losing any hair, already feeling a few of the effects of relaxin in my ligaments and tendons.
Wedding ring off or on: On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but tired. Just tired.
Looking forward to: Being able to eat anything I want. And not being tired.
Things they don't tell you about pregnancy: That your ligaments will start feeling swollen from the relaxin this early and there will be sharp pains in your hips from it too!
Well hello there Little Squishy!
Still no baby bump!
I found out at the appointment today that the miscarriage rate decreases to only 12-15% now that there is movement! We also saw the little 2 hemisphere brain and learned that little squishes kidney's are functioning well.

The sack is measuring at 39.88 mm with the blood clot only measuring at 18.37 mm. It is going WAY down! yay! Also learned that with all the movement that means little squishy is doing really well because if the little was in distress, there would be no movement because all the energy would go toward growing.

We also learned that at this point our little wakes up for 20-40 minutes at a time and then goes back to sleep again. I can wake up this little one when I hiccup, cough, sneeze, or even eat anything sweet or cold.

Watching that little dance is by far the craziest thing I have ever seen. It definitely blows my mind! Even more then the heartbeat did. Dancing' fool! We got a video that we just keep watching over and over. I worked for about an hour to post it and it didn't happen. Will try harder!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

8 Weeks

 Week 8 Complete
How far along? 8 Weeks and 1 Day
Baby is the size of: A pygmy sea horse, a wild strawberry, or a lego (the ones w/4 little dots on top). Actually is 19.72 mm long
What did the baby develop: Teenie tiny organs that are almost ready to be used on their own, little fingers and toes, and facial features including squishy's eye color!
Gender: Squishy is already developing genitals this week, but we don't know what they are yet!
How many: Officially 1 little.
Showing a bump: Nope
Maternity clothes: Nope
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: At night mostly yes. Also napping daily!
Movement: Yes squishy started moving this week, but we can't quite see it on the ultrasound until next week and I definitely cannot feel it yet. 
Best moment this week: Passing the day where I miscarried last pregnancy! Yay!!!
Miss anything: I am glad I don't like sweets right now, but I kinda miss them.
Medical Help: Still on daily progesterone shots and estrogen pills 4 times a day. Every 6 hours!
Emotionally Feeling: Good. Just pretty normal.
Belly button in or out: In
Food cravings: Not so much. Definitely having aversions though. Nothing in particular, but I cannot do some smells! And I still love fruit and salads. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not so much queasy or sick, just gives me a headache with a general not feeling amazing. Water first thing in the morning. Anything sweet. And I have to eat a bit of protein first thing in the morning or I don't feel well the rest of the day.
Symptoms/Side effects: I am no longer loosing any hair at all and I have started to hiccup/burp. Basically I have air that has to come out after I eat. I don't know how else to describe it. 
Wedding ring off or on: On and still loose
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. Although I have been cooped up in the house for 2 weeks, so thrilled when I get to go outside :)
Looking forward to: Being able to do real life again, but I will definitely miss the ability to take morning naps.

You can see the head on top with little arm buds and then 1 leg and the cord in this picture. You can also see the amniotic sack really well within the gestational sack.
Weekly non bump.
The books I was able to plow through on 2 weeks of bedrest.
This little squishy is measuring at 19.72 mm which is 8 weeks 4 days. The gestational sac is 28.58 mm with the largest blood clot measuring at 26mm. So our little squishy just keeps growing and the blood is shrinking! Or at least breaking up into smaller pockets because this baby is pushing it out of the way! Yay!

We got to hear the heart beat too! Thomas says it sounds like a train. Oh and he also said squishy looks like it has a storm trooper helmet on. So proud. :)

Dr Murrain mostly lifted my restrictions. I now have no stair restrictions, no walking restrictions, but I still cannot lift anything over 20 lbs, cannot do repetitive squatting, and need to continue pelvic rest. But almost cleared!

Next time we get to see the little one move! Yay!

And for you Tacoma peeps. Who did you use as an OB or midwife? And did you have a home birth, birthing inn birth, or hospital birth? Now I get the joy of choosing who and where! Help!