Saturday, August 9, 2014

The "Official" Meeting with Dr Murrain

After discovering that Thomas and I did indeed need to do IVF, I figured that because we had already met with Dr Murrain, we were good and just had to schedule the time. Well I was wrong. We still had to check off the "official" meeting with him.

I went into this meeting thinking he had already told me everything and that there was nothing new to expect. I was wrong. He went over cost, which surprised me, potential problems, which when seeing them written on 1 sheet of paper was shocking, he quoted me a few more statistics, and then he mentioned I would have to do a baseline blood work again. Needless to say I walked away a little frustrated. I don't know why, I just was.

The cost I got over because really, we have no choice. So here it is. Because I couldn't find the breakdown anywhere before this. And everyone is different. This is not including the cost of medication or the cost of any other doctor that is needed.

The risks are just that, risks. They could or could not happen. Out of my hands, but scary at the same time. Did you know multiples are a risk? That was a little weird to me. And then there is Ovarian Hyperstimulation that happens in 10% of women, ectopic pregnancies in 1-3%, adnexal torsion in 7%, and imprinting disorder which is 1 in 16,000. Wow.

The statistics were hard because he said even when a woman is completely healthy with all the scores being the best possible, there is still only a 2 in 3 chance the most healthy woman will become pregnant. Seriously?!?! That was hard to hear, but I have to remember God has taken us this far. And it has definitely been our story.

Oh, and the paperwork! You would think that we were buying a house the amount of paper work we had to sign!

And then I scheduled a blood work appointment. Always blood work day 3 of my cycle.
Because people, this IVF thing needed to get started! It was go time!

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