Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Daily Ultrasound and Blood Work - Day 6

And now begins the never ending appointments of blood work and ultrasounds.
For the next week I have appointments!

Blood Work
My arm bruised from drawing blood for the first time. Bummer.

Internal Ultrasound

Ok, here are my numbers for today:
3 follicles are at 6 mm and need to be higher and another 4 follicles are at 5 mm.

She asked if I had been taking my medications. Of course I had! Ok maybe not perfectly on time! But yes! Apparently the size of the follicles were not quite where she wanted them to be.

And the lining of my uterus is not quite where she wanted it to be either.

So I waited and tonight she informed me that she wanted me to up my follistim from 225 IU to 300 IU. Well hopefully that will get me to where they want me to be!

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