Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ethical Discussions

If only it were this easy.
Because this is beautiful.
The problem is, for us it is not so easy.

So many ethical discussions to have.
How many embryos do we implant?
Are we being responsible with our money if we only put 1 in?
But then we could have twins!
Do we freeze the rest? Donate them to science? Throw them away?
Do we freeze them only to put them up for embry adoption if our family is complete down the road?
(Because those are your 3 options)
Do we deviate from the plan the doctors give us and try to be a little more natural?
Do we try to do this with less harsh drugs?
Or do we just do it as they explain because it costs so much to mess with the path they set forward?

There are so many ethical questions that Thomas and I have had to talk through. It has made us stronger, on the same page, and it has made us know each other in ways most couples do not have to question their pre-parenting lives.

I am so very thankful that Thomas and I have always been on the same page. We would discuss an issue and then one of us would say we felt this way and almost always the other would agree. God definitely allowed us to talk and agree at every ethical decision.

I would love to tell you our decisions if you want to know.
Needless to say, we are here now and we know exactly what we feel God has directed us to do with every single one of those questions.

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