Friday, August 15, 2014

Operation Tiny Toes! First Official IVF Appointment. Day 3

My boss has been incredible and has allowed me to work from home during the days I have appointments.  Which is good, because there are tons of appointments in my future!
I arrived to my appointment knowing that today could be the day, or it could not be the day. I had already made it inside my 3 day window, but my body could still be working against me.

So Mary drew some blood and as we chatted she let me know that the blood work would say whether or not my estradiol (estrogen) levels were where they needed to be. 
We then went in and had an internal ultrasound where they checked to see how my ovaries and uterine lining were.
My right ovary had 6-7 follicles and the left one had 9-10. She said there were no cysts and that the number of follicles was great. Additionally my uterine lining was small, which at that point in my cycle (and since I had been spotting for a week and a half before hand) was great. Remember that follicles are good because that is where the eggs eventually go.
We went into the nurses station to talk through what happens next. She would call me later that afternoon to let me know if IVF was a go due to my estradiol levels.
WAIT. What?
I thought I was going to walk out of there with a yes or a no! Grrr. Ok, I can wait. I clearly don't have a choice.
She also went over which shot I would start that night if it was a go.
At 12:48 pm (of course I wasn't watching the clock) Mary called and said my estradiol levels were below 20 which is what they wanted.
The operation part was Thomas' contribution. I told him immediately and then said, hey how should we tell people? And he said, Oh! We need a fun name! How about Operation Breadbasket? Since I has already thought up this blog, I said, How about Operation Tiny Toes? And it was a go.
Back to the rest of my conversation with Mary, she said to take the baby aspirin as well. That was the first I had heard of that. Hmmm.
So we decided to do the 5:30 time frame for the shots every night. So at 5:30 that night I prepared everything and had Thomas pinch my skin and stab me. And it didn't hurt at all. I was thoroughly impressed by that. Maybe I will even try the next night!

Dial it up!

Grab and insert.
This was the one and only time Thomas left an indentation.
We walked 2 blocks over to our little cafe we love for a celebratory dinner. IT IS BABY MAKING TIME!

This is the schedule that I was given. I added tons more info, but it had the amount of each shot I needed for each day, and when they already had blood work appointments scheduled. We just had to pick a time between 5:30 and 8:30 every night, and keep it the same, for when Thomas would give me my shot. 5:30 pm it is.

So amazing. We are actually starting this baby making process.
Oh dang.

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