Monday, August 18, 2014

More Shots - Day 5

So, since I was so awesome about giving myself a shot the first time, I decided to do it again the next day. Only this time I bruised myself. I have no idea how I did it, but apparently I am not cut out for this.
Sorry Thomas. You still get to do this for me!

Oh! And I was an hour late giving myself a shot! Sure hope that is not a big deal.
That is what happens when you set your phone alarm and go upstairs to relax at night without your phone.

And since I had so much to tell you on Day 3 when I started the shot, I failed to tell you about the shot that I am getting.

As it was explained to me:
Normally when a woman ovulates, multiple follicles on each of the ovaries try out for the part. They all start to grow, but eventually one star shines through and the other follicles go away.
Follistim is a shot that basically overrides that process. It makes all of the follicles grow together so there are tons to choose from!

And, if you have not already learned enough about IVF, I found this sheet that they had given me in one of our first meetings. 

Explains a lot.

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