Thursday, August 21, 2014

Appointment Day - Day 8

Off to get blood draw again!
And the vein in my arm started rolling! But I was then able to find out that they have this down to an art! They use my best arm to draw blood for the first half of the blood draw days, and my worse arm for the second half. The reason is they want my good arm to be ready for the IV on extraction day.
So amazing that this is a beautifully choreographed dance!

My blood draw seat.
And now for my numbers.

My follicles are:
1 @ 10 mm
4 @ 8 mm
5 @ 7 mm
Grow little ones grow!

My uterine lining still isn't quite up to par.
But my estrodil level increased to 350
They want me to stay at 300 IU of the follistim which means no increase in the meds. 
So things are growing!!! Yay!

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