Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Day Has Arrived! Day 1 of My Cycle

After the sonohysterogram, I had a week left of birth control (BC). My official stop day was on Sunday night. Well the whole week after the sonohysterogram I was spotting, so I was sure that if I went off of BC on Sunday, I would not make it into the 3 day window that sweet Sharlene informed me I had to make it into. So after 2 calls to the nurses, finally Mary (my other nurse) returned my call. There was some back and forth, but she finally told me to stay in it 1 more day. 
Monday was now the final BC day.
So I took that last little pill on Monday. And on Tuesday I waited. Still spotting. And praying that it would just wait 1 more day. Not to much to ask body, right? Right?!?!
And on Wednesday I was in the 3 day window! I had 72 hours to start my cycle. So I waited. Until noon. I can tell you I have never been so happy to have my cycle start since we started trying to get pregnant exactly 3 years ago.
I had just missed a call from Sharlene, so I quickly called her back and we scheduled my Day 3 appointment for Friday. 
Thank you Jesus for small mercies.
This is happening!

I succeeded with my 2 jobs.
Start my cycle in my window and call the Gyft clinic to schedule my Day 3 appointment.
Normally people do not have a 3 day window unless they are doing the ICSI (again, the procedure to get the concentrated amount of swimmers) and they need Dr Kim (urologist who does the ICSI) to be available. But we made it!
Yes, ma'am. We made it.

Apparently I either think I have a mostly female audience or I think of my blog as a female. Hmmm...

I am slightly later in posting these, then what is real time. By the time I catch you all up, Thomas and I will know for sure whether or not I am pregnant! So there will be no waiting for you all, like there has been for us! Oh the waiting...

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