Friday, October 31, 2014

Yep, Still More Shots - Day 10

I feel like I am an echo. Everything is growing so well! 

This my friends, is my little sunflower seed looking left ovary.
There are 15 follicles just right here! 
But seriously, there are just so many right now. So many.

Day 10 Stats:
Uterine lining at 5.4 which is looking great. Apparently towards the end, the line in the middle fades and it all comes together. Which it is doing. Way to listen to instructions and do what you are supposed to do uterus!

3 @ 16
2 @ 14.3
3 @ 13.3
4 @ 12
4 @ 11.2

3 @ 15.1
4 @ 12.3
2 @ 11.5
2 @ 10

That is 35 of just the larger size people! Yikes! We are definitely getting close to softball size ovaries right now!

Our ultimate goal which I will hit either tomorrow or Sunday is to have most of them between 17 and 21 mm. So we are in the range for sure!

Now for some shots of Thomas giving me the shot in the leg last night.

There is my little over eager medic.
Action shot.
And in it goes. 
So only 1 or 2 more days of this shot update info. And then it will be a rest day, extraction day, daily update on the little embryos for (praying 5!) 3-5 days, then people, we sit and wait for 2 weeks. 

You all still in this with me? Getting closer and yet not quite done!

My estrodial levels today are 1946.
This is beautiful, but Dr Murrain does want me to lower my dose of follistim. 
Onward and upward with both of my shots though!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shots - Day 9

Day 9. Whew! That means we have 2-3 days left of shots, a day of rest, and then extraction!

This morning's appointment was good. And sweet Charlene even printed off some pictures of everything going on in there! 

So below you see all my left follicles, my uterine lining, and my right follicles.
Before I tell you all the stats for today, let me tell you a little bit of wisdom. When your sweet husband agrees to meet you at a friends house, because you couldn't get home by 5:30 which is the shot hour, make sure you have told him the correct friend. Because having your hubby perturbed at you and then sticking you with sharp objects? Not smart!

Good thing Thomas is awesome and when I said that to him he started laughing and then proceeded to tell me to sit down because I was already 10 minutes late with getting my shot. :) This man wants us to succeed for sure!

OK, todays info. Day 9!
Uterine lining. 5.5 and triple. Remember I said I would get you a picture of the triple effect? If you look at the ultrasound, it is the connected dark white line across the middle. The lining kinda looks like the shape of lips to me. Charlene said that there is good estrogen effect in the lining

2 @ 12
2 @ 11
3 @ 10

3 @ 13
4 @ 11
3 @ 10

I think the ganirelix finally slowed everything down a little. 

But here we are compared to Round 1 Day 9
Which was left side: 1 @ 10, 3 @ 9, 4 @ 8
right: 1 @ 9, 2 @ 8, 1 @ 7
Again, I am definitely closer to my Round 1 Day 11 numbers today.

And clearly last round my left side was the leading lady and now this round my right side is clearly pulling the weight.

My estrodial levels today are at 1006!
Onward and upward people!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2 Shots Again! - Day 8

So last night went off without a hitch with my second shot. 
However, I promised you photos and let me tell you, trying to focus on not flexing my stomach or leg and take a picture at the same time? 
This is what you get.
Thomas being creepy.
A picture, really showing nothing other then my white stomach.
And a picture actually showing nothing other then my feet were really cold.
 Clearly I will have to try again tonight. Because clearly I cannot multi-task when it might possibly cause me pain.

The shot in my leg has the possibility to swell and bruise, but both last time and this time so far, nothing! Thank goodness!

And a side note. Last round was in the summer. I wore shorts in the summer and flip flops. I only noticed because for these shots, I have to change into shorts!

OK, now for the details you all really want.

Day 8 Info
So Mary informed me today that the day after you start ganirelix, it is possible that your follicles could not grow that much, along with your estrodial levels may not increase that much.

Welp. Not true for me.

Being day 8, the goal was to have my uterine lining over 8 mm. Mine is over 11 mm. Check.

Left - 
3 @ 9.2
4 @ 8.4

Right -
5 @ 9.5
4 @ 8.6 

My follicles were 1 @ 10 mm, 4 @ 8 mm, 5 @ 7 mm and my estrodial level was at 350.

So I now have a total of 29 good sized follicles! Again, no wonder I can feel my ovaries!
Also at this point I am taking extra electrolytes, extra protein, and extra water.

And my estrodial level today is at 730.
Onward with both shots!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Going Strong - Day 7

Today is going strong!
I started feeling my right side yesterday evening and as of this morning I can feel my left side too.
And I am only on day 7! I didn't start to feel anything until day 12 last time! Yikes!
But when I look at my numbers and how many follicles I have in there, it makes sense.

Here we go:
Uterine Lining - 5 mm and the triple effect.
(I will try and get a picture of that tomorrow)

2 @ 10.6

9 @ 8.5 (yes 9!)

That means I essentially have 21 10mm little follicles between my 2 ovaries. That is not even mentioning the little ones that Mary didn't even bother to measure. Last round they ended up taking out 24 total. This is awesome people! And I get why I can feel them.

And last time my follicles were this same size on day 10. So we are doing awesome!

Last time Day 7 I had a break because I wasn't progressing quick enough - Round 1
So no side to side comparison of numbers today.

These are a few of my little follicles on the right side.
And we heard from Charlene (my other nurse) and my estrodial levels are at 619.
Which means between my estrodial level and the size of my follicles, that I get to start ganirelix tonight. So a shot in my stomach and a shot in my leg!
The ganirelix is to stop my brain from producing the LH that tells my body to drop eggs into my follicles. Hold off little body! Hold off!
Pictures of that tomorrow. The shot, not the lack of my eggs dropping that is.

After yesterdays gorgeous sunrise, we wake up to this. 
 A rain boot day.
Foggy and beautiful in its own way kinda of a day.
Time to make some soup? Perhaps.
And since I am working from home, I get to curl up in my warm and cozy house and enjoy it?
Yep. Done.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Appointment with Shots - Day 6

Like I said yesterday, I was super curious what all my info was going to be today at my appointment. I told my nurse that and she said she was just thinking that! 

So during the ultrasound we both noticed that there were lots more follicles and they were all quite a bit bigger then last time on Day 6.

So here are the numbers:
Uterine Lining - 3.7 mm

Left -
2 @ 7.1

Right -
2 @ 8
2 @ 7
3 @ 6.1

Last round on Day 6 my numbers were:
left and right sides 3 follicles are at 6 mm and another 4 follicles are at 5 mm.

So I am significantly farther along in this round already! Which is awesome!

And on the way to my appointment, there was a beautiful sunrise. Naturally I didn't have my camera with me, so here is my basic phone picture.
This was the closest I could get it to the real colors. 
We also got the call and my blood work looks good.
My estrodial levels are 369 which is closer to what I was at day 8 also!
So tonight we do more shots! Yay, goodness!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

More Shots - Day 5

Today is day 3 of shots. 

Friday night was me rushing to give my self a shot at 5:30 because I was running out the door.
Last night (sat) night we were hanging with friends and they got to watch. It was funny because Thomas and I had never had an audience before. I should have had them take pictures. 

And I had also forgotten that in order to get the very most out of the meds, I most likely will have to have 2 shots each night from hear on out to get every last stinking expensive drop of that follistim. 

This time I am counting how many shots I am having done. Just because why not?

I can't wait until tomorrow when I have blood work and an ultrasound because we started with 300 IUs of follistim this time and I am praying it works and I have LOTS of little follicles and they develop quicker then last time.

I will let you know what happens tomorrow though. 

Until then, I simply have another shot tonight.

Here were some pics from yesterdays pumpkin patch fun with our friends Sarah and Craig.

Sarah siad I couldn't point too. Only Thomas.  :(

We got to punkin chuck!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shots of Follistim - Day 4

and more shots again.

Last night I had to give myself my own first shot because I was running out the door late to babysit and Thomas was at the library…


Shot #1 is done. Today and from now on, hopefully Thomas will be able to give me them. 
Yay follistim!
 Just a little reminder for those of you who don't remember from last time. The follistim is to help me grow more follicles and for them all to grow bigger.

Other News
I got this really cool new gadget that tells me what oils and supplements my body needs. I am pretty stoked about it. Apparently I need de stressing stuff. Hmmm….

What could possibly be stressful in my life right now? 
Funny because in reality I don't feel all that stressed out right now.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Operation Big Belly Mica - Day 3

Round 2
This morning I had my first blood work and ultrasound for round 2. 
I didn't have any cysts which makes the first part a go, as long as my blood work came back ok later in the day.

I had 10-12 follicles on the left side and 8 follicles on the right side. My uterine lining was also perfect. Mary, my nurse, was super excited about how everything looked.

I was sent home with this paper for all my appointment times, if it is a go...

And it is a GO!!! 
I got the call and my estrodial level is at 37 which means that everything looks good!

Round 2 here we come!

So I start with 300 IU of follistom as a shot in my belly tonight!
So 5:30 pm daily, here we go again!

When I told Thomas it was a go and he said Operation Big Belly Mica is a go! I prefer Operation Tiny Toes still. :) But sure. Operation Big Belly Mica it is. Round 2. :)


And this people is our fall right now. OK, this was a few days ago, and it is currently grey, but still!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Aftermath of Round 1's Outcome

Now that I have had 2 months to reflect on the round 1 not working, this is what I have come to know.

I would not change this experience for anything. I know this is God's beautiful story for Thomas and I, and in it I am so thankful. 
I am thankful for Thomas and his beautiful perspective. 
I am thankful that I have a God whom I believe has this whole thing under control, because honestly I don't know how people do this without Him.
I am thankful for the amazing support of all you family and friends out there.
I am thankful that through this whole experience from beginning until now, we have discovered health issues that we have been able to take care of and avoid long lasting deteriorating health.
 I am thankful that through infertility, through miscarriages, and yes even through round 1 IVF not working, I have been able to 100% understand where friends are coming from, as they go through the same thing.
I am thankful that God has created in me a heart that just accepts and hurts, but does not get angry.
I am thankful that I know that one day we will have children. I have no idea what that is going to look like, but our story getting there is ours and it is beautiful.
I am thankful that God has broken me of the need to control my timeline. He has given me the desire to be calmer and to have less "stuff" cramming my schedule to the brim.
I am thankful that I have an incredible boss who allows me the time needed to go to my appointments.
I am thankful that the staff at the Gyft Clinic is incredible and kind.
I am thankful that Thomas and I have had to work through some crazy ethical things and that we have always been on the same page. Even when mid way through the process things changed and we both had the same change of heart. 

I know that round 2 has the possibility to hurt our hearts again, but I also know that it has the possibility to bless us with the child(ren) that God has for us.

And for that, I say...
Round 2.... Bring it!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Off Birth Control and Waiting for the First Appointment

Round 2
I have had quite a few people asking me in the last few weeks if Round 2 was happening soon. And I have realized that first off, these last 2 months have flown by, and second, I really have not talked about it nearly as much as I did round 1.

So I thought about why and this is what I have come up with:
I now know what to expect.
I am now wiser and more experienced.
I know that it may hurt my heart.
BUT... I am just as excited, although quite a bit more apprehensive.
Honestly, the time just flew by and now here it is!

So here is the timeline for round 2. Approximately. If everything goes perfectly according to plan. Which last time it did NOT. :) So expect this to be a rough estimate with in a day or 2.

And Thomas and I talked it over and I am going to try my darnedest to actually blog what has happened day by day, not delayed at all. So this will be real time people!

And this time round I will not explain things in quite as much detail, but I will link to last rounds post so you can read more detail there and we can compare side by side round 1 and round 2.

And so it BEGINS!
Yesterday was the beginning. I went off birth control. Now we wait for my cycle to start, then 3 days later I go in for my appointment to see if this round is a go!

And hopefully I will be getting all my medication tomorrow, because I can't very well do this shindig without them!

And I will post again at the end of the week when I actually have my first appointment!
Have a great week people!

Oh and feel free to ask. 
I know I said differently last time, but I learned I love talking about it so ask away!

Monday, October 6, 2014

IVF and Essential Oils

Essential Oils and IVF

As a few of you know, I have been completely revamping Thomas and I's health with using essential oils instead of over the counter meds when we can. During this last round of IVF, we definitely did exactly what the Dr recommended with IVF meds, for a few different reasons, but we decided to supplement with oils as well. This is what we used and what worked well for us.
Used to stop my hiccups.
Used on the injection sites for the bleeding.
Used a combination of these 3 in a veggie capsule to help with pain for Thomas. Neither of us had to use Tylenol or Vicodin.

I also took a capsule of the Copaiba to help with the swelling from the procedure.
Used on both Thomas' and my sore muscles post extraction to help the tissue recover.
Also used to help the bruising from the injection sites.
Used as a natural progesterone aid to all the proscribed progesterone. 
Honestly I could not have asked for a more simple pain free procedure on extraction day or really of the over all process. And I am excited to use them again with round 2 and to see what other knowledge I can add to this!

I love every about these oils and I cannot wait until round 2 in 2 weeks!!!
So close people!