Monday, October 6, 2014

IVF and Essential Oils

Essential Oils and IVF

As a few of you know, I have been completely revamping Thomas and I's health with using essential oils instead of over the counter meds when we can. During this last round of IVF, we definitely did exactly what the Dr recommended with IVF meds, for a few different reasons, but we decided to supplement with oils as well. This is what we used and what worked well for us.
Used to stop my hiccups.
Used on the injection sites for the bleeding.
Used a combination of these 3 in a veggie capsule to help with pain for Thomas. Neither of us had to use Tylenol or Vicodin.

I also took a capsule of the Copaiba to help with the swelling from the procedure.
Used on both Thomas' and my sore muscles post extraction to help the tissue recover.
Also used to help the bruising from the injection sites.
Used as a natural progesterone aid to all the proscribed progesterone. 
Honestly I could not have asked for a more simple pain free procedure on extraction day or really of the over all process. And I am excited to use them again with round 2 and to see what other knowledge I can add to this!

I love every about these oils and I cannot wait until round 2 in 2 weeks!!!
So close people!


  1. Did you use Pro Plus oil in addition to the progestrone prescribed by your doctor? Or did you use it in place of?
    Thanks so much for sharing what you used. I love YL oils and am preparing for IVF. It's helpful to hear from others what worked and what didn't.

  2. I have been searching all over for questions regarding YL oils and the effects on IVF treatments. Thank you for sharing your advice with the world- a big help for this hopefully mama!