Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Going Strong - Day 7

Today is going strong!
I started feeling my right side yesterday evening and as of this morning I can feel my left side too.
And I am only on day 7! I didn't start to feel anything until day 12 last time! Yikes!
But when I look at my numbers and how many follicles I have in there, it makes sense.

Here we go:
Uterine Lining - 5 mm and the triple effect.
(I will try and get a picture of that tomorrow)

2 @ 10.6

9 @ 8.5 (yes 9!)

That means I essentially have 21 10mm little follicles between my 2 ovaries. That is not even mentioning the little ones that Mary didn't even bother to measure. Last round they ended up taking out 24 total. This is awesome people! And I get why I can feel them.

And last time my follicles were this same size on day 10. So we are doing awesome!

Last time Day 7 I had a break because I wasn't progressing quick enough - Round 1
So no side to side comparison of numbers today.

These are a few of my little follicles on the right side.
And we heard from Charlene (my other nurse) and my estrodial levels are at 619.
Which means between my estrodial level and the size of my follicles, that I get to start ganirelix tonight. So a shot in my stomach and a shot in my leg!
The ganirelix is to stop my brain from producing the LH that tells my body to drop eggs into my follicles. Hold off little body! Hold off!
Pictures of that tomorrow. The shot, not the lack of my eggs dropping that is.

After yesterdays gorgeous sunrise, we wake up to this. 
 A rain boot day.
Foggy and beautiful in its own way kinda of a day.
Time to make some soup? Perhaps.
And since I am working from home, I get to curl up in my warm and cozy house and enjoy it?
Yep. Done.

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