Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shots - Day 9

Day 9. Whew! That means we have 2-3 days left of shots, a day of rest, and then extraction!

This morning's appointment was good. And sweet Charlene even printed off some pictures of everything going on in there! 

So below you see all my left follicles, my uterine lining, and my right follicles.
Before I tell you all the stats for today, let me tell you a little bit of wisdom. When your sweet husband agrees to meet you at a friends house, because you couldn't get home by 5:30 which is the shot hour, make sure you have told him the correct friend. Because having your hubby perturbed at you and then sticking you with sharp objects? Not smart!

Good thing Thomas is awesome and when I said that to him he started laughing and then proceeded to tell me to sit down because I was already 10 minutes late with getting my shot. :) This man wants us to succeed for sure!

OK, todays info. Day 9!
Uterine lining. 5.5 and triple. Remember I said I would get you a picture of the triple effect? If you look at the ultrasound, it is the connected dark white line across the middle. The lining kinda looks like the shape of lips to me. Charlene said that there is good estrogen effect in the lining

2 @ 12
2 @ 11
3 @ 10

3 @ 13
4 @ 11
3 @ 10

I think the ganirelix finally slowed everything down a little. 

But here we are compared to Round 1 Day 9
Which was left side: 1 @ 10, 3 @ 9, 4 @ 8
right: 1 @ 9, 2 @ 8, 1 @ 7
Again, I am definitely closer to my Round 1 Day 11 numbers today.

And clearly last round my left side was the leading lady and now this round my right side is clearly pulling the weight.

My estrodial levels today are at 1006!
Onward and upward people!!!

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