Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Aftermath of Round 1's Outcome

Now that I have had 2 months to reflect on the round 1 not working, this is what I have come to know.

I would not change this experience for anything. I know this is God's beautiful story for Thomas and I, and in it I am so thankful. 
I am thankful for Thomas and his beautiful perspective. 
I am thankful that I have a God whom I believe has this whole thing under control, because honestly I don't know how people do this without Him.
I am thankful for the amazing support of all you family and friends out there.
I am thankful that through this whole experience from beginning until now, we have discovered health issues that we have been able to take care of and avoid long lasting deteriorating health.
 I am thankful that through infertility, through miscarriages, and yes even through round 1 IVF not working, I have been able to 100% understand where friends are coming from, as they go through the same thing.
I am thankful that God has created in me a heart that just accepts and hurts, but does not get angry.
I am thankful that I know that one day we will have children. I have no idea what that is going to look like, but our story getting there is ours and it is beautiful.
I am thankful that God has broken me of the need to control my timeline. He has given me the desire to be calmer and to have less "stuff" cramming my schedule to the brim.
I am thankful that I have an incredible boss who allows me the time needed to go to my appointments.
I am thankful that the staff at the Gyft Clinic is incredible and kind.
I am thankful that Thomas and I have had to work through some crazy ethical things and that we have always been on the same page. Even when mid way through the process things changed and we both had the same change of heart. 

I know that round 2 has the possibility to hurt our hearts again, but I also know that it has the possibility to bless us with the child(ren) that God has for us.

And for that, I say...
Round 2.... Bring it!

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  1. Love this and love your heart, Mica. Praying that this round is THE round!!