Friday, October 31, 2014

Yep, Still More Shots - Day 10

I feel like I am an echo. Everything is growing so well! 

This my friends, is my little sunflower seed looking left ovary.
There are 15 follicles just right here! 
But seriously, there are just so many right now. So many.

Day 10 Stats:
Uterine lining at 5.4 which is looking great. Apparently towards the end, the line in the middle fades and it all comes together. Which it is doing. Way to listen to instructions and do what you are supposed to do uterus!

3 @ 16
2 @ 14.3
3 @ 13.3
4 @ 12
4 @ 11.2

3 @ 15.1
4 @ 12.3
2 @ 11.5
2 @ 10

That is 35 of just the larger size people! Yikes! We are definitely getting close to softball size ovaries right now!

Our ultimate goal which I will hit either tomorrow or Sunday is to have most of them between 17 and 21 mm. So we are in the range for sure!

Now for some shots of Thomas giving me the shot in the leg last night.

There is my little over eager medic.
Action shot.
And in it goes. 
So only 1 or 2 more days of this shot update info. And then it will be a rest day, extraction day, daily update on the little embryos for (praying 5!) 3-5 days, then people, we sit and wait for 2 weeks. 

You all still in this with me? Getting closer and yet not quite done!

My estrodial levels today are 1946.
This is beautiful, but Dr Murrain does want me to lower my dose of follistim. 
Onward and upward with both of my shots though!

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