Saturday, November 1, 2014

Final Shot Day - Day 11

Since it is the weekend and Thomas has never experienced my little blood work/ultrasound appointment, I decided to take him with me. 

Naturally we had Bette who only works 2 weekends a month and who was training a gal named Dora, so it was a little different then normal. But they still did the same stuff.

Depending on what my estrodial levels do, depends on whether or not tonight or tomorrow night is trigger night. I am still betting tonight, but we shall see. 

After we walked out, Thomas said, "I didn't know they played a counting video game with your ovaries!" Hehe! That guy! I love his unique view on life. But I can definitely see how he would think that with them measuring all the follicles on the screen.

Day 11 Numbers
Uterine lining - 5.6 (apparently 6 is perfect, but Bette said those people were rare)

Left - 

Right - 

Last round's numbers on Day 13, which was also final shot day were Left side:18, 2 @ 16, 2 @ 15, 3 @ 14, 13; Right side: 2 @ 18, 17, 2 @ 16, 15, 14

So I am doing even better then last time! Bette did say that they are waiting for my estrodial level to be the same or even drop because that means I am ready. And that is exactly what happened last time. Day 12 was  1703 and Day 13 was 1540. So we are hoping for anything under 1946 which was yesterday!

And I don't have any fun IVF related picture, but how about my new car? Which is kinda IVF related because my old Honda was stolen during my last day of bed rest Round 1 IVF. Man that was weird.

This is our 2011 VW Jetta Sportwagon. Welcome to the family little buddy. And yes, it will fit twins, triplets will be a stretch. But who are we kidding, if I have triplets I am never leaving my house!

Ok so in all my excitement that Monday is a go, I totally forgot to ask what my estrodial level was. 
So tonight is my last shot. Specifically at 10:45, I take the trigger shot which is ovidrel. That will make my eggs release and in 35 hours at 8:45 am on Monday morning I will have all my little follicles extracted. Yes, that is taking into account the day light savings weekend. 

Thomas is then having his appointment at 1:30 later that day. 

Good thing I already went to the bank this morning to get my (IV) drug money just in case! And even though this has happened once already, I still think it is a little odd that I have to give the anesthesiologist cash to put me under. 

But we are ready! Ready to get this show on the road! 
Rest day tomorrow, but Monday you will get the next update. 
See you all on the other side! Follicle free, but with many more embryos!

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