Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 3 - Transferred to Blastocyst Medium

This just got real! 

We got awesome news from Charlene today. 
We have 10 embryos!
Apparently we are multiplying! From 9 yesterday to 10!

So here are their numbers.
(The scoring is 4, 3+, 3, 2, and 1 with 4 being the best.)

2 - 10 cell embryos - score 4
1 - 8 cell embryo- score 4
3 - 7 cell embryos - score 4, 4, 4
1 - 6 cell embryo - score 3
2 - 5 cell embryos - score 3, 2
1 - 3 cell embryo - score 3

Last round we had a 10 cell with a 4 grade, 2 are 8 cells with 3+, 3+ , and 2 - 7 cells with 4, 3 grade. 
So we are doing much better this time round, clearly!

This was one of the pictures of our little embryos last during Day 3 Round 1.

So! Today Jeff our embryologist transferred our 10 little buddies into the blastocyst medium or as Charlene called it, "different embryo juice".
We have an appointment on sat at 10 to transfer some of these little buddies.

So here is what I need from you! Pray that at least half of them grow to blastocysts. Pray that we have wisdom with how many to transfer. Pray that all goes smoothly and that Thomas and I continue to heal from our extractions on Monday.

And seriously! Thank you all for how amazing you all are! I cannot tell you how much your prayers, comments, likes, and overall excitement for us has been huge for us! I mean, we grew another little embryo because of prayer! 

There will not be an update from the Gyft clinic tomorrow, but I might just write a bit on how I have been feeling and processes this whole round 2 shindig. Otherwise, you will hear from me on Saturday! Where it will be 4 days of bed rest for me. Yikes! I might need some company. :)

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