Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 3 - implantation

This is the end of our first cycle that did not work. There are 3 posts remaining for round 1.

It is day 3. Go time or not?
Our 9 am phone call said yes!
Plan for a 10:30 am implant.
I have 1.5 hours left to be not pregnant!
What should I do?
Well I cleaned and walked around a lot since I would be on bed rest for the next 4 days!

They told me to drink 32 oz of water before I came in.
This is the Gyft Clinic.
Here we are before the implant!
So much stuff everywhere!
After I was all set up in the room, Jeff the embryologist came in to talk through where our embryos were.

1 is a 10 cell with a 4 grade
2 are 8 cells with 3+, 3+ with some small fragmentation
2 7 cells with 4, 3 grade, 1 has unusual zone (it looks like a bowling pin)
1 is poor quality still.

Their recommendation was to implant 2 or 3 because at day 3 stage the likely hood was that 1 would turn into a blastocyst (a day 5 embryo).
Thomas and I looked at each other and we both said 3 without hesitation.
You can see our little implanted embryos!
Post implantation! This could be our first picture as parents!
After the embryos were implanted, Dr Murrain kept the catheter with the embryos in to ensure that they took for a minute. Jeff then took the catheter to ensure that they embryos had vacated the catheter.

They did not want me to move for an hour, so with my very full bladder, Dr Murrain used a (different) catheter. That was definitely a first! It definitely stung when going in and out, but the hardest part was not peeing on the bed afterward! I had tried so hard to relax so that it wouldn't hurt unnecessarily. But it still does. Yikes bladder control!

 Oh and I started progesterone shots.
In the rear. Yikes! Thomas has to give them to me because of the place.
I can feel the progesterone in oil move when I move. Gross. And these will continue through the first trimester! Many more weeks of these!
 The nurse taught Thomas how to give me the shots. Good thing he already knows!

These are all 6 of our little guys.

These are two of our little guys that we implanted. Jeff the embryologist puts a solution on them so that the hardened shell that had formed would be broken to allow for easier attachment.

The three embryos that we did not use, Jeff will care for them and call me on Monday to let me know whether or not we need to freeze them. When frozen there is a 75% chance that they will thaw and survive.

Right away we headed to acupuncture and then straight home for 4 days of bed rest! 
Thank goodness Laura came over for an hour to keep me company because I was going crazy after an hour! And then she brought me the 3 hour long Gone with the Wind! Love you friend!

And now we are off! Ready for the next 2 weeks of waiting!

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