Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 2 - Update time

I know I have been lacking in my posts. This is the end of our first cycle that did not work. There are 5 posts remaining for round 1. I want to finish the story though.\

These are our babies first pictures. They fertilized 24 hours before and now have split. The ones that are still only 1 cell never fertilized.

 And these are their first report cards.
6 have survived!
2 are 4 cells with a 3+ grade
3 are 3 cells with 4,4,3+ grade
1 is a 2 cell with a 2 grade

Thomas's stomach still hurts from the procedure 2 days before, but I am doing well!

Every things Thomas and I say or do, we are now saying, "is for the babies!"
We really are so excited!

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