Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 1

 Today is day 1 after they extracted the 24 follicles and 3 seminiferous tubules. And it is agonizing waiting for a phone call about if any of them fertilized. 

And honestly it was a major struggle day.
  But then a sweet friend sent me this.

And of course that made me cry. She had no idea that today was the day we would find out if any of the little swimmers fertilized the eggs, but she listened to God's nudge. An amazing thing.
And of course I cried.

She sent it to me just 5 minutes after we got the phone call. And of course I bawled again. For the 3rd time. It was the phone call that said the results. The phone call that said that of the 24 follicles, there were 12 mature eggs. Of those 13 mature eggs, they found 13 sperm to fertilize them. Of those 13 mature eggs with sperm inserted into them, we have 5 that fertilized and 2 that maybe fertilized.

I had texted a few people and my favorite response was, "Yayyyy. 7 is the perfect number. I say implant all and you can have a favorite child for each day of the week." Thank you Grace Faucett. You are amazing. Needed that brightness in such a tough day.

It sounds amazing, but what the nurse told me was that they had wanted a few more. And that it was a struggle to get that many fertilized. But God knows. And He performs miracles, right? Yes. He says so in Job 5:9.

These my friends are our 12 eggs. The ones with the double nucleus in the middle are the ones that have fertilized. These are our little babies! Their first pictures! 

And tomorrow will be their first test scores. Graded from the git go!
So we wait until tomorrow to see how they have progressed. And go from there.

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