Friday, September 26, 2014

Testing Day and Follow Up Appointment.

This is the end of our first cycle that did not work. This is the last post for round 1.

Big Fat Bummer
This was our hope. That this drawing would be true. And it did not happen. But soon!

My initial post I wrote about all of this you can read here.
The day we found out round 1 did not work.

Interrupting Our Story: When Real Life Gets Hard

It was completely unexpected. Shocking. Sad.
I was still feeling things going on in my body.
I had to stop the estrodial and progesterone and baby aspirin in order to start my cycle 1 week later. It only took me 4 days.
I did schedule an appointment with Dr Murrain a week later.

And this is what he said.
He would not have done anything different when it comes to the procedure or the decisions that were made.
He is going to up my follistim medications from 225 ml to 300 ml from the beginning. Hopefully this will help  produce more mature eggs so that we have more embryos coming out and then possibly will be able to freeze some.
He said that 1 in 3 women just do not get pregnant on the first try. So we will try again 2 more times and then at that point we will talk about the next option.

We agree with all of his assessments. 

The next step is to start my cycle. Heal for a month. Start my cycle again, and on day 3 start up birth control. 

And now that brings us to today. 
Friday September 26th. 
I am starting birth control.
I know, too much information, but you all are now caught up and real time in these posts.

Sorry I have been so late in the game getting these last few out. Honestly, there was no time limit pushing me and I just really wasn't all that motivated.

So round two in a month! I will definitely keep you posted real time then. It will just be easier.
Although now, you won't hear anything for a month because I am doing nothing. 
I have no desire to write a post every day that says, "took my birth control and prenatal again." 
No thanks.

See you in about a month!

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