Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Final Shot - Day 13

 Today is the final shot day!
I am feeling my ovaries like crazy!
My back hurts and I am tearing up often!
Sorry Thomas.

Here is the information that I walked away with in the morning appointment.
I need my estradiol to be below 3000. They will cancel the rest of the procedure if it is above 5000.

Here are where my follicles are at:
Left side:
2 @ 16
2 @ 15
3 @ 14
Right side:
2 @ 18
2 @ 16

The hope is that more then 15-16 will have mature eggs

I went to acupuncture, because Janelle wanted to see me within a few days of the extraction. 
Well when I laid down I told her I still had not heard and usually they call at this exact time.
 So she did not put needles in 1 arm so I could answer the phone if need be.

 Of course they called in the middle of the appointment!
So I had my sheet that I had been given that morning, all ready to fill out.
My estradiol is at 1540. It went down because eggs are ready to release.

That means it is a go! I was so giddy!!!

My instructions are...
Take the final shot at 9:30 pm. The exact time on the dot. Because extraction would be 35 hours later.
So we set an alarm because we go to bed at 7:30.
We got up....
Oh wait, is this supposed to be in the stomach? oh crap! I forgot to ask!
But I vaguely remember her saying it was in the stomach when I asked during the injection training. Good thing I asked then!

As for a picture... it was at 9:30 at night. We were both mostly still asleep. We most definitely did not get  a picture.

The shot was Ovidrel which basically told my brain to release the eggs!
I also was to take 1 estrodial (a small estrogen pill) and nothing else.
So I stopped my baby aspirin and all other shots.
I was so excited after my acupuncture appointment, that I called Thomas and told him immediately, but as I went to get my hair trimmed, I was giddy! Good thing I am good friends with my hair gal, otherwise she would have thought I was nuts!

These are the two papers you get. This first one has all the information I needed about when to take my final shot, but also for pre-op day for taking out my eggs.
This is more pre-op info.
And the $450 to Dr Reddy? That is cash for the anesthesiologist. I seriously felt like I was doing an under the table hand off. 
This literally was my drug money. 

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