Monday, September 8, 2014

Extraction Day!!!

Today is the day!!! We are making a baby people!

My appointment is at 8 am, which means I have to take a valium at 7:30 and I cannot eat or drink anything all morning.

Thomas's appointment is at 12:30.

This is a silly picture because it is the yolk of an egg!
Sweet Sarah took me to the clinic and stayed with me when they put me under.
Ok, here is how it went. I took the valium at 7:30. I had no idea how I would react, but honestly I was fine! Thomas and Sarah took me to the clinic to wait with me, but the took me straight back the minutes I came. I paid the anesthesiologist in cash (my drug money) and then back I went!

I started to feel the valium slightly, but I was still able to go into the bathroom by myself to put a gown on. I kept my shirt on, but was bare on the lower half and just put a gown over it along with slippers and a hair cover.

I went into the room next door and sat on the table, moved my legs over, then laid down.

Dr Reddy was my anesthesiologist. He put my IV in my wrist right above my thumb. He was awesome! I didn't feel a thing! The doctor came in and said we would get started and then I fell into a deep sleep. :) 

I woke up a little less then an hour later and was completely coherent from then on out.

The procedure went beautifully. Perfectly normal. They did go through the left side of the vaginal wall once and the right side twice. 

They got a total of 24 follicles which hopefully have lots of mature eggs in them!

This is after both of our procedures. I never felt anything more then what felt like moderate cramps with  the results of a hard ab work out! Thomas on the other hand felt like someone had repeatedly punched him in the balls. Yikes!

Thomas procedure went well, but they had a hard time finding a lot. 

My post op form.

These are 4 of my eggs being implanted with Thomas's little swimmers. 
They suck up with little swimmers in the needle. They insert it in the egg, suck out a little liquid from the egg, and then push it all the way in so that when they take out the needle, the sperm does not follow the needle out.

Each little egg needs the little bump on the outside. It carried an extra set of DNA. They do not fertilize with out it. They also need the little halo looking membrane on the outside. It is kind of a hard shell. 

At this point all we know is that they got 24 follicles and 3 seminiferous tubules which is where the sperm swim through in the testes so that they grow until they exit. So these guys will be a little immature compared to sperm that come out other ways.

So we wait and pray! And Thomas ices. Lots.

Thank you Sarah! We couldn't have done today without you! You are absolutely an amazing friend, note taker, and nurse!

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