Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 1 - Fertilization

I know it gets a little confusing with all the day counting. The first set was the counting of the days from the start of the cycle to the last day of shots.

This second day counting is from extraction to implantation. So here we go!

This was sent to me from a co-worker. :) I just love it. And yes, my littles are WAY wanted! Thank you Emily!

OK, but for today's updates!
They took out 24 eggs yesterday, but only 17 of them were mature (vs 13 mature last time).
For Thomas, they took out 4 seminiferous tubules (vs 3 last time).

All 17 of the mature eggs were ICSIed which means that all the eggs had sperm injected into them yesterday afternoon.
This morning, 7 of them fertilized normally and 2 showed signed of fertilizing (vs 5 and 2 last time).

This is awesome news! All we really need is more then 6 embryos to be maturing well past day 2, so that we can implant on day 5 vs day 3.

Let me explain that. The goal is to get to day 5 because at that point, the embryos have reached blastocyst. When they have reached blastocyst, they have a way better likelihood of surviving in the womb. The guidelines the Gyft clinic operate off of are that if there are 6 embryos or more on day 3, they will wait until day 5. Last time we only had 5 good embryos, so that is why we implanted on day 3. So this time the goal is more then 6! And we have 7, possibly 9!

Remember this picture from last round? These are not my cells, but it shows what the cells look like each day. This morning mine were the same as the first picture.
Because I won't get the DVD of my little guys until the day them implant, I will post the pics of what the looked like last round so you know.

This is day 1 nucleus from round 1. You can see the little beautiful nucleus on this top little embryo.

So! We have fantastic news! But we still need prayer. The prayer now is that all 7 of those little buddies, and possibly the other 2 buddies, grow and grow well! And that they will allow us to go to day 5, and the 7 will turn into blastocysts.

On a funny little note, after I texted a friend the numbers of fertilized eggs, she said, "I think you could do seven." I then responded with, "Seriously? Yikes. The thought stresses me out!" Her response was perfect. "Well I was being sort of facetious. I want three. Then you can say… we have eeny meeny miney and we don't want no mo." Hehe! Best response yet! Granted she also said I could have 7 not so dwarfs. You were on a roll Laura! hehe.

Thank you all for your love and support! I will let you know what we find out tomorrow! 

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