Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 5 - Implant Day!!!

Last time around, my sweet friend Becky sent me 2 perfect quotes that I definitely needed at the time. This time around I was looking around on pinterest and saw that she has re-pinned this. And it of course was perfect. Because seriously, God has such a beautiful plan for Thomas and I's life and we are praying that it includes these little buddies, but we know He is ultimately in control.

But here is what you are all waiting for! 
We implanted 3 blastocysts!
Of our 10 little embryos, 3 of them turned in to blastocysts so far. Two of them were perfectly beautiful and 1 was good, but not perfect. You will see pics of them at the end.

This time around was a lot more of a struggle healing physically from the extraction and quite frankly I have no idea how people go through this 8 or even 4 times. Yes 8 times. Wow. 

This is the ultrasound when they implanted the 3 little buddies. To the left there is the big black area which is my bladder. My uterus is essentially the 2 white parallel lines. At the right end of the shorter line is where the little buddies were implanted.
So after we were all set up, Jeff (the embryologist) came in and told us we had 3 embryos. And we got to choose whether we wanted to put 1, 2, or 3 in. Before we walked in the doors we had decided on 3, so after a little discussion… 3 it is! Jeff told us that 2 of them were perfect and he wouldn't be surprised if we had twins. Triplets although it could happen, with the 3rd little blast not being perfect, he thinks it is highly unlikely. 

And so we wait.
If you want to read about everything that goes on during the implant process, you can read the Round 1 Implant post.

Here are the 3 blasts that we implanted.
Blastocyst #1 (perfect)
 Blastocyst #2 (good/ok)
 Blastocyst #3 (perfect)

So…. What is next?
Next we wait for a phone call either tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday, to see if any more blastocysts have grown for us to freeze.

We wait for 2 weeks until a week from Tuesday (November 18th) to get some blood work done to see if I am prego!!!

And then…. 2 weeks later, we find out if there is more then 1! 

So much happening!!! Thank you all so much for your love, your prayers, and you cheering us on! We watched our embryo numbers go from 9 to 10, 3 blasts grow, and hope through out this whole process. 

I am amazed by all your love! And yes, I will be counting on you, my village to help me raise these awesome littles. Thank you for being on this journey with us! Can't wait to see where else it takes us all!

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