Monday, November 3, 2014

Extraction Day

We are finally here! 
Extraction Day!
I almost can't believe it. This second time was definitely longer during the whole shot process. It felt like it took forever! But here we are! It has arrived.

So I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight last night. So when I woke up bright and early this morning at 6 am I was starving. Naturally I couldn't eat anything and when Thomas made toast it was near torture. 

So at 7:45 I took a valium and after about 15 minutes I started feeling a little off. Which was funny because last time I didn't feel a little off until right before I went in to the room. And this time, but the time I went back, I was completely coherent. I changed into the little gown and blanket and after Charlene got me all settled in, Dr Reddy gave me all the meds to knock me out!

Next thing I know, they are waking me up and letting me lay there a while. I get dressed and get wheeled out the door and home with Thomas. I definitely felt more sleepy this time around for a little while after the procedure.

They wanted me to have adult supervision during the 8 hours following the procedure, so when Thomas left at 1 for his little procedure, my sweet friend Robyn and her daughter Madison came to "babysit" me. Although little miss Madi informed her mom that, "We don't have to babysit Mica, she is a friend." :) I love kids logic!

So Thomas was off! Last time round he was in immense pain. Apparently this time around, Dr Kim did a wonderful job of numbing him, because he has been home 2 hours and is still numb and has not yet felt pain! Thank you Jesus!

So, this is what we walked away with today. They took 24 eggs out of me. Not 24 follicles like last time that only had 14 mature eggs in them, but 24 eggs. And last time they took 3 tubules from Thomas and this time they took 4 and Jeff said that he saw some good swimmers. 

So as I am typing this up at 3:45, Jeff is currently going through all the tubules to tease out the little swimmers. As soon as he does that, he will implant each mature egg with one of the swimmers. 

And in the morning he will go and see how many of them have matured. 

So… we wait until we got the phone call tomorrow that says how many of the mature eggs that were implanted with sperm, have fertilized. 

I will report out tomorrow!

And we are both feeling fine right now! Yay for a pretty seamless day!

Here we are before the procedure! And yes I am a little drugged here. I am not allowed to operate vehicles or machinery according to the label.
And this is how we do halloween. We drill holes in a pumpkin and fill it with lollypops. Cause we are either out and about or we are just too lazy to come to the door.
Tomorrow I will let you know how many eggs fertilize! Yay!!!

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