Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 2 - Cell Growth

Awesome News!
We are currently the proud parents of 9 little embryos!

Charlene told me all of our 9 little embryos scores.
The scoring is 4, 3+, 3, 2, and 1 with 4 being the best.

So drum roll please.....
6 of them are a perfect 4 (Eeekkk!!!)
2 of them are a 3
1 of them is a 2

So both our maybe's kicked their butts into gear!
Grow little buddies grow!

Which basically means we have 8 beautiful littles because we don't give up on anyone!

Last round we had 6 that survived, but only 5 were really good ones.

We are still praying for a Day 5 transfer which is Sat. However, we won't know if we are transferring tomorrow or sat, until they see how all these little guys do over night. So Charlene said that she would call me tomorrow to let me know. If they do implant tomorrow it will be in the afternoon. But I will keep you posted!

Next up will be choosing how many of them to implant! Clearly we have to choose the future college graduate ones, right?
Thank you again Emily, for this beauty.
This is what our little buddies looked like during Round 1 on Day 2.

So pray that they all thrive through the night! And that Jeff and Dr Murrain agree that we should wait for Day 5. And that they turn into blastocysts!

Just a few things to pray for, right? :)

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