Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2 Shots Again! - Day 8

So last night went off without a hitch with my second shot. 
However, I promised you photos and let me tell you, trying to focus on not flexing my stomach or leg and take a picture at the same time? 
This is what you get.
Thomas being creepy.
A picture, really showing nothing other then my white stomach.
And a picture actually showing nothing other then my feet were really cold.
 Clearly I will have to try again tonight. Because clearly I cannot multi-task when it might possibly cause me pain.

The shot in my leg has the possibility to swell and bruise, but both last time and this time so far, nothing! Thank goodness!

And a side note. Last round was in the summer. I wore shorts in the summer and flip flops. I only noticed because for these shots, I have to change into shorts!

OK, now for the details you all really want.

Day 8 Info
So Mary informed me today that the day after you start ganirelix, it is possible that your follicles could not grow that much, along with your estrodial levels may not increase that much.

Welp. Not true for me.

Being day 8, the goal was to have my uterine lining over 8 mm. Mine is over 11 mm. Check.

Left - 
3 @ 9.2
4 @ 8.4

Right -
5 @ 9.5
4 @ 8.6 

My follicles were 1 @ 10 mm, 4 @ 8 mm, 5 @ 7 mm and my estrodial level was at 350.

So I now have a total of 29 good sized follicles! Again, no wonder I can feel my ovaries!
Also at this point I am taking extra electrolytes, extra protein, and extra water.

And my estrodial level today is at 730.
Onward with both shots!

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