Friday, October 24, 2014

Operation Big Belly Mica - Day 3

Round 2
This morning I had my first blood work and ultrasound for round 2. 
I didn't have any cysts which makes the first part a go, as long as my blood work came back ok later in the day.

I had 10-12 follicles on the left side and 8 follicles on the right side. My uterine lining was also perfect. Mary, my nurse, was super excited about how everything looked.

I was sent home with this paper for all my appointment times, if it is a go...

And it is a GO!!! 
I got the call and my estrodial level is at 37 which means that everything looks good!

Round 2 here we come!

So I start with 300 IU of follistom as a shot in my belly tonight!
So 5:30 pm daily, here we go again!

When I told Thomas it was a go and he said Operation Big Belly Mica is a go! I prefer Operation Tiny Toes still. :) But sure. Operation Big Belly Mica it is. Round 2. :)


And this people is our fall right now. OK, this was a few days ago, and it is currently grey, but still!

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