Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shots of Follistim - Day 4

and more shots again.

Last night I had to give myself my own first shot because I was running out the door late to babysit and Thomas was at the library…


Shot #1 is done. Today and from now on, hopefully Thomas will be able to give me them. 
Yay follistim!
 Just a little reminder for those of you who don't remember from last time. The follistim is to help me grow more follicles and for them all to grow bigger.

Other News
I got this really cool new gadget that tells me what oils and supplements my body needs. I am pretty stoked about it. Apparently I need de stressing stuff. Hmmm….

What could possibly be stressful in my life right now? 
Funny because in reality I don't feel all that stressed out right now.

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