Friday, April 24, 2015

Operation Third Times a Charm Failed

Sadly, and a bit stunned we found out that IVF round 3 did not work.
We are definitely processing and trying to figure out how our grieving looks this time round.

Which puts us back to ground zero because none of our embryos made it to the freezing stage.
We are not sure what we have next other then meeting with the dr a week from tuesday. 

My HCG level was less then 1 which basically means non existent. 
So I stop all the progesterone and estrogen that I am on and then eventually my cycle will start on its own again. 

If we do decided to do round 4, that means that we will take a month off, and then start birth control the next month and start the whole process over. We are not quite sure what we are doing next, but we will definitely keep you posted.

Thankful I have this man by my side as we walk through this part of our story. Even in the heart ache he just told me that he loves doing life with me even when it is hard. I can't help but agree 100%.

And again, thank you for your prayers. Other then that we keep leaning on Jesus, my only other prayer is that He gives us wisdom and shows us what He has next for us.
Love you all.


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