Monday, April 13, 2015

Embryos Multiplying - Day 3

We were all ready today for our 2:30pm transfer, when I got a call at 1:15 from Charlene saying, just kidding! You have too many embryos and we want to wait until day 5!
Wait, what?!

We had our 5 that were doing well, and now we have 3 more that are doing well?!
Basically Jeff, the embryologist, said that there were 5 good ones he would choose and with how young I am, the likelihood of that turning into way more kiddos then is ideal, we should wait until day 5.

Here are the updates on the embryos:
1 embryo that is 8 cell with a grade 3+
3 embryos that are 6 cell with grades 3+, 3, 3
1 embryo that is 5 cell with grade 3+
1 embryo that is a 4 cell with grade 3+
2 embryos that are 3 cell with grades 4, 4

Basically with there being 8, 1/3 of those should make it to blastocyst. Again, the best possible outcome. So we are looking at and praying for 2-3 of them to make it.

Keep praying that the perfect little embryos make it and that their DNA is perfect, and that my body is ready to carry them to term.

My appointment is Wednesday morning at 7:45, but it will be a few hours! I will get home and let you all know how many we have!

And there will be no news tomorrow as the embryos all get a break from being graded.
Thomas will be headed to Germany for his Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary and my dad will be coming into town to help me because of the mandatory bed rest!

Both of us still have complete peace with the timing of it all and even with Thomas headed to Germany. I have amazing friends standing in to give me shots and to go with me for the embryo transfer. Thank you Jesus for our powerfully supportive community!
And thank you all!!!

I honestly think that these other 3 rallied because of the amount of prayer coverage!

Here are some beautiful tulips I grew and actually cut to bring in my house. Love them.
God does such beautiful work.

Chat with you on Wednesday!

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