Sunday, April 12, 2015

Embryos Growing - Day 2

Our little embryos have grown!

So of the 8 maybes, only the 5 that they were sure would make it, made it.

So this is what we have…

Keep in mind that 4 is the very best possible grade.

1 embryo that is a 4 cell with a grade 4
2 embryos that are 3 cell both with grade 4
2 embryos that are 2 cell, 1 with grade 4 and one with grade 3+.

So all in all doing great!

Being that the cut off for holding all of them over to Day 5 is 6 embryos. Because we only have 5, the embryologist is going to look at them again in the morning, but most likely we will be using our 2:30 appointment to implant some of these little buddies.

So we are implanting on Day 3.

For those of you who don't remember the difference, we would love to get to Day 5 which is a blastocyst because the likelihood of them surviving is infinitely more when implanted on Day 5. However we serve a huge God and he simple needs 1 little embryo on any day to make this happen. So we know that with Day 3, we are good. 

And Thomas' head looks HUGE in this picture! Whoa. All about the angle. I need to remember that when taking pictures of my prego belly soon. ;)
Thomas in his baking/grilling apron prepping to give me a progesterone shot, to prep my body to keep these little babies going!
Keep you posted tomorrow with what we end up doing! And I will try and not make it so late. It has been a crazy busy day.

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