Friday, April 10, 2015

Extraction Day!

Today was an exciting day!

I had my 6:30 am appt and Thomas had his 10:30 am appt.

Mine went well. They were able to get 22 follicles this time.
Round 1 - 24 follicles with 13 mature eggs
Round 2 - 24 follicles with 17 mature eggs
We will find out how many mature eggs they found tomorrow!
They had to go through my walls 8 times! Which means I am quite sore. But no major pain which is great.

Thomas' appointment also went really well. 
There was only minor pain during the procedure and so far there has been nothing more then expected discomfort.

As of right now, we are both pretty sore, but we are not in pain! 

And of course I have my oils and all the recipes we need for pain, inflammation, and so much more!

SO! Where do we go from here?
Tomorrow we get a call for Day 1.
We find out how many mature eggs they found.
How many of them were implanted with swimmers.
And how many of them were fertilized and little embryos!

2 days of numbers and then we will know if we are doing a day 3 or day 5 implant.

This is one of my favorite times! So much excitement and hope!
I love it :)

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