Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Implant Day - Day 5

This guy. Leaving on a jet plane. So excited to be going to his Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary.
Happy Anniversary to you two Oma and Opa!

Ok you all, here is the implant info…

There were 11 embryos that were growing this morning. Of those 11, 2 were ready for implant. Pictures of those 2 at the very end!


Here are some pictures of the embryos on each day.
Day 0
You can see the sperm in the right photo still in the needle being implanted.
Day 1
Here you can see the nucleus of each cell. I learned today that each egg and each sperm has a separate nucleus that comes together, which is why it is normal to see 2. The last picture with the 2 nuclei is the weird genetic egg thing. 
Day 2
Now they are starting to divide and multiply!
We had 5 good ones on day 2.
Day 3
This was the day a few more kicked their butts in gear!
We had 8 good ones on day 3.
Day 5
And we had 11 growing embryos today on day 5.
Of which we implanted the best 2.
The Chosen Ones
These are the best 2. 
This one is still in the Day 4 look. It looks like it went back to 1 cell, but the reality is, it had divided and will soon show a fistular.
This embryo, doesn't look as much like a single cell, but the fistular is in there! Kinda top middle. A little valley. Jeff is so good at pointing it out. I can see when he shows me, but not other then that!
Here is the ultrasound as they implanted!
Since Thomas was possibly going to be gone, we made plans just in case! Good thing we did! My dad is here and JoAnn got to experience my whole appointment this morning. Thank you again JoAnn!
Seriously you guys, you are the best community ever. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and your encouragement as we go through this Tiny Toes adventure.

So pray for these littles to attach, pray for my body to know exactly what to do, pray for the 9 embryos to do what God wants with them, and pray for safety for Thomas as he travels to and fro!


Oh, and 4 more days of bed rest. It seems I have got this thing down now though. I have created a nest this time round.

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