Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fertilization - Day 1

Good news! 

Of the 22 follicles they found 13 mature eggs that were all ISCIed (implanted with a little swimmers).

Of those 13 mature eggs:
5 eggs were normal with 2 pronuclei
2 eggs had 1 pronucleus so they will be watched
1 egg had 3 pronuclei in the 2nd polar body, they suspect it is from an egg defect.

So! Here are the comparisons from previous rounds.
Round 1 - 5 normal, 2 more to watch
Round 2 - 7 normal, 2 more to watch
Round 3 - 5 normal, 2-3 more to watch

So all in all, we wait! 
And pray that the perfect little embryos grow so they can be implanted!

More updated tomorrow.

Until then, these lilacs are making my home smell amazing!!!
And I got it from a sweet friend. Nothing better.

Honestly, this round has been incredibly stress free for me. I love that. I know that no matter what happens, it can't be harder then last time.
Complete peace is an awesome place to be.
I love it.

Tomorrow we find out how they are progressing. 
Update you tomorrow!

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