Friday, July 10, 2015

Watching the Numbers - Day 1

A sweet friend  created this for me a during this round of shots. It is sitting on my piano and is the perfect reminder of the beauty that came out of last round. Thank you Erin!

The great news for this round.
Of the 47 eggs that they extracted this time, 21 of them were mature. All 21 of them were ICSIed (a little swimmer was placed into each little egg) and of those 6 of them fertilized. 
Now it has only been about 12 hours since Jeff didn't finish ICSIing all our little buggers until 6 pm last night, so we expect there will still be even more that will fertilize still.

Funny story. When Charlene my nurse called and told me this, she specifically said that all 21 of my mature eggs were ICSIed with Thomas sperm. It made me giggle and think, thank goodness it was Thomas' sperm and not someone else's!

OK, so here is the crude drawing of what our numbers looked like each round.
The first number is the number of follicles they extracted, the second is then the number of mature eggs that were there. The 3rd is how many fertilized on day 1, day 2, day 3, and for round 2 and 3 how many were there for day 5.
And of course we are filling in this beautiful prayer map. 
Just makes my heart warm.

Oh and the procedures went beautiful for both Thomas and I. We are both sore, but not in any real pain. So that is awesome!

Will keep you posted on the numbers tomorrow!

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