Sunday, July 12, 2015

Implant - Day 3

Suited up and ready to go! 
 Here is the room I am in for both extraction and implant. 
And here it is! 6 littles buddies being put in my uterus!

Yesterday we were told that we had 2 embryos and 5 more that had fertilized. When we came in today for the implant, of those 7, 6 had actually split and done something. 

So here is the data for each.
1 beautiful 10 cell
1 8 cell with a little bit of a granular texture
1 6 cell with fragments
1 4 cell that is darker
1 3 cell that is a grade 3
1 2 cell with fragments

So basically the top 3 are really good. The 4 cell Jeff isn't so sure about, because it is darker, but it is still growing so he put it in. And then the other 2 just need more time to grow!

Jeff said that because of the amount of eggs I had, they were actually a lesser quality. Which wasn't the best, because this time around Thomas' swimmers were the best they have every looked! But we still got 6 good ones.

I also asked if we put in all 6, if there was 1 that wasn't doing so well, would it hinder the other ones from doing well. He said that actually with all 6 of them in there, the more you put in, each little one does a little magic and gets the uterus ready for implanting. So even if a few of them don't make it, they will be getting the uterus ready and one of the good ones could take over that spot in the uterus. So it could work for the better for all of them!

When we walked in I asked Charlene if she would think we were crazy if we wanted to put all 6 in, and she said nope! That is what Jeff and I were hoping you would do! Jeff even prepared all of them in hopes that they could talk us into all 6!

The procedure itself went off without a hitch once they were able to get the catheter all the way in my uterus. Apparently my bladder was too full and my ovaries were too big that it pushed my uterus out of where it normally was. But we were successful in implanting all 6 in 1 round without messing up any of them!

As I left, Jeff said, "We are really pulling for you. There is no one else in the world we want this to happen more for." I seriously just love these folks at the Gyft Clinic so much! They have become our own little cheering squad family.

Lets see what He says this time!

What's next though. I am on lay on my back hard core bed rest the rest of today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday). This is a day longer then normal, because of how delayed some of our little buddies are in growing, like the 2,3, and 4 cells, they still need another 2 days to catch up to make it to a blastocyst. So my taking it easy, will be to allow them to simply grow. 

My Tuesday through Thursday is the implanting and embedding in the uterine wall days. So although I will be lounging around the couch, not lifting anything, and not walking around more then to go to the bathroom and make myself a sandwich, I won't be flat on my back any more either!

So there we are.
Freedom on friday!!!
But really, after this being the 4th round, I am willing to relax a little more to hopefully make a difference! But really we all know God has this under control.

So what you really all want to know, now that you know we put in 6 embryos, is when do we find out if it worked?! 
That would be Friday the 24th after 3 pm PST.
I know the wait is hard, but that is when I will be 4 weeks if I am pregnant and it is when all normal people find out. :)

So now, we are taking name choices. 
We love names that are not normal. Think of names that you maybe only know 1 person with. 
Ready? Go!


  1. Wolfegang
    Judah (getting popular but I love it!!!)

    Sarai (sur-rye)
    Pilar (pee-lar)

    Haha I love baby names...

  2. We named our little miracle Janae. Other girl names I liked are Aylin, Anika, Castine.