Thursday, July 9, 2015

Round 4 - Extraction Day

Both of our extractions went off without a hitch this morning. 

Which was perfect. 
So Round 2 which was our best round they got 24 follicles and of those there were 17 mature eggs.

The only information I know right now is that they lost track of the number of follicles they got, but they did get 47 eggs! Now they only expect about half of those to be mature, but even if it is half that is still 23 mature eggs! Which is by far an incredible number.

So now we pray that God guides Jeffs hands to put the correct eggs and sperm together for our perfect little embryos.
And when I report tomorrow, that there will be a beautiful number of eggs and sperm that fertilized to become little embryos!
Ready for the extraction!
Seriously amazed at how many of you are praying for us. Thank you.
 Thank you all for praying today! 
So blessed by you all!

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