Saturday, July 11, 2015

Embryo Numbers - Day 2

Today's numbers!

We have 7 little guys showing life.

We have 2 embryos and 5 others that are fertilized, but just haven't had the time to grow further at the moment.

1 6 cell embryo that is a grade 4 (the best grade possible)
1 2 cell embryo that is a grade 3+ (which is right behind a 4)

We need prayers that our little tiny toes will continue to grow.
That my body will be prepared to hold these little buddies.
And for how many of these 7 we should stick in.

Whether is be 2, 5, or all 7!
I know is sounds crazy to put all 7 in and when I look at the odds, over the past 3 rounds, we have put in 8 total with 5 of them being perfect embryos. Of those 8, only 1 stuck. So if we put in 7, I figure the odds are about the same since of the 7 only 2 are doing amazing. Right? Good logic?

Dr Murrain and I talked about what we would do differently this round and the other thing besides only putting me on birth control for 21 days, was to implant the embryos on Day 3 no matter what. This was because he was thinking that maybe the embryos would survive better in the natural environment of my uterus rather then in the media in the petri dish. Also what we would do was put in 1-2 more then we normally do because it is earlier. Well since we normally put in 3 that means we would put in 4-5

Well last week I mentioned to Charlene, the nurse, about putting in 5, she gasped out loud! It cracked me up and after I explained, she told me a story. She said the last time someone sat in that seat on her 6th round of IVF and said put them all in! All 4! She ended up with 4 babies!

So we will see! Although I highly doubt with our history that we will have that many, I know that God already has our family picked out and if it is 1, 2, 5, or 7, He will give us what we need! Including a nanny! ;)

So here are some of the things that have touched my heart lately.

These are my prayers. And with prayers like these, maybe He will give me 5, or 7, or none. I don't know. But what I do know is that I am at complete peace at this moment, knowing that He will put it on our hearts what to do tomorrow. And no matter what, He has been writing our story from the start and knows our tomorrows, and our next days.

So until tomorrow at noon. FREEDOM!!!! :)
Just kidding.

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