Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 10 - The Same. Shots and an Appt.

Day 10:
Round 2 - Uterine Lining - 5.4 ; Left: 17.6, 3@16, 15.4, 2@14.3, 13.8
13.7, 3@13.3, 4@12, 4@11.2
Right: 18.1, 16.8, 3@15.1, 14.1, 13.2, 4@12.3, 2@11.5, 2@10

Uterine Lining - 5.5 mm
Left -
multiple 13-14 range

Right -
plus more

PS. It drives me nuts when she just said plus more. I want to know exactly how many more!
Our ultimate goal is to get our follicles between 17 and 21mm.
So we are right around the corner!

My estrodial was 1333 today compared to 1946 on day 10 round 2.
The numbers are all a little down from round 2 but they all look great still and are going up compared to yesterday.

So either monday or tuesday will be trigger shot day is my guess.
Which means we are either right on schedule or a day behind schedule.

So extraction on wed or thurs and implant on sat or sun.

I have a few pretty flowers in my garden today.
 Over all my garden is a hot mess. But I can grow a few pretty flowers. Anyone want to come help me plan a garden that will flower all over all summer long?! I need help!

And this is our 1 apple. Yes our tree only gave us one apple! He had better get on it next year!
 And this is what our basement now looks like. We were able to finish all the plywood. All the plywood will be covered in beadboard and the open insulation will be covered in wood and turned into shelves and cabinets.
We are getting there! I feel like this is a good place to rest while we prep for the 4 days of mandatory bed rest. Then we can get back at it after the bed rest weekend.

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