Thursday, September 8, 2016

35 Weeks

 Week 35 Complete
How far along? 35 weeks and 3 days. 8 months along today! 1 month left!!
Baby is the size of: A honeydew melon or a bunch of carrots, between 18-19 inches and 5-6 pounds.
What did the baby develop: Most of Adler's organ and skeleton development is complete. He is still growing stronger and his lungs are still developing a little more. He is still piling on the baby fat and man I can definitely feel him most constantly! I think he is now starting to run out of room in my long torso! He is still head down, but his back is on my right side and optimal birth position is on my left. So hopefully over the next month he will move on over there. But yay! Head down!
Gender: Sweet baby boy, Adler James
How many:1 little squishy
Showing a bump: Yep. It is here to stay.
Maternity clothes: Completely
Stretch marks: Nope. Being faithful about my oils.
Sleep: Still pretty good. I stopped having to fall sleep on the couch. Still 95% on my left side.
Movement: Non stop during the day. Crazy active from 6-7 pm, and I can now poke his little rear and get him to move around. And you can watch my stomach and see him move it!
Best moment this week: Having friends in town and getting quality girl time!
Miss anything: Got lots of canning done, loved having lots of girls nights, and got tons done in the basement! Potentially will start moving stuff in this weekend!
Medical Help:  Daily Vitamins - Prenatal, Vitamin D, Probiotic, Calcium/Magnesium, and electrolyte supplement. I also started a tincture called Gentle Birth formula to prep my system for birth.
Emotionally Feeling: Awesome with a side of the urge to nest.
Belly button in or out: In
Food cravings: None.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Brushing my teeth and eating sweets.
Symptoms/Side effects: The most consistent ones have been tender gums, linea nigrea, gag reflex, smells, but I think I have to add the symptom of relaxin in my hands because I keep dropping food on my plate.
Wedding ring off or on: On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Getting some major organizing done this weekend with the basement getting finished after work the next 2 days!
Things they don't tell you about pregnancy: The no matter how much I read or prep, I still feel like I have no idea what to expect for labor. Just going to do this thing athlete style.
35 Weeks people! 5-7 weeks left!

Lets talk about Thomas' new sleeping bag and the reason we got rid of his old sleeping bag. Fleas people. We have no animals and the fleas returned 5 times because of his sleeping bag. The story is ridiculous. Ask me about it sometime.
Twice a day this week and then 3 times a day until Adler joins us. Prepping this uterus for birth!!
Chased a sunset with Laura. It is her thing and God showed off His promises for us that night.
These ladies with a few others used to have monthly girls nights. Until 2 of them moved away. So beautiful to catch up again though!
Lots of canning in session! Pickles, relish, and pizza sauce for the year. Working on all the apple items too. Because we all know I don't have a million other things to prep before this baby comes, right?
Ok, so nursing advice? What was that one piece of advice that helped you the most? The one piece that you had never thought of before? I love all the tidbits you all have graciously offered!

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