Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sweet Relief

It has been an incredible round. 
And we are pregnant.
And I am just so thankful.

It is still a little surreal.

I am thankful that God has chosen to direct our story this way. 
I am thankful for every single one of you who have encouraged us and walked this road with us.
I am thankful for these 1, 2, or 3 littles who I get to love.

I went in for blood work this morning and when Charlene called me, she told me that I am most definitely pregnant and that my HCG number is 258. 
The desire is to be between 50 and 500.
Whew! Made it.

And I have discovered our magic sweet spot. 
Transferring 3 Day 5 embryos.
Both times we got pregnant off of that perfect number. 
Not any other time.

I have also discovered that when I am at the end of my rope, that is when God says, here you are.
It happened with marrying Thomas, and here it happened again with these littles.
Not to mentioned that this round, I chose to claim it. I was pregnant gosh darn it.
Goes to show that you just need the faith of a mustard seed. 
And that is what I chose.

Who knows maybe I should have been at the end of my rope 3 rounds ago, but honestly I know our story had to come here.
I know that these little adopted embryos are perfect for us. 
They make our family whole.
This is the beautiful modern family God has brought us into.

So we went to get some ice cream and celebrate. 
Because I haven't had sugar all of January and I was so looking forward to it.
So thankful it is celebration ice cream not drowning my sorrows ice cream.
Because I was getting it today no matter what. 
Back to the no sugar thing.
Wow that ice cream was sweet though!

So next up!
We do blood tests every few days until my HCG hits 1500. With it usually doubling every day in healthy pregnancy, that won't be long! After we hit 1500 then we will do an ultrasound to see how many of these little buggers attached. I will keep you posted on the blood work numbers.


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