Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 Weeks

5 Weeks Completed
How far along? 5 weeks!
Babies are the size of: A BB pellet or an apple seed.
What did the babies develop: A neural tube (spinal cord) and their heart!
Gender: Unknown
How many: 1 as of right now. I will believe it after the next 2 ultrasounds from my previous experience though!
Showing a bump: Hopefully not!
Maternity clothes: Definitely not.
Stretch marks: Nope.
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. Have moments of it being hard to fall sleep.
Movement: No.
Best moment this week: Watching the HCG numbers more then double every 2 days, feeling the love as you all cheer us on.
Miss anything: I feel totally fine and yet at the same time, every movement I make seems just a little bit more difficult.
Medical help: Daily progesterone shots, every 6 hour estrogen pills, 3 blood work appointments, 1 ultrasound appointment.
Emotionally feeling: Incredibly excited. Choosing to be joyful instead of fearful.
Belly button in or out: In.
Food cravings: I am loving fruit and veggies. It is the cold and crispy. I could eat fruit all day long!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not so far.
Symptoms/Side effects: Having to visit the ladies room constantly, very consistently feel twinges in my abdomen, starting to feel my core being really warm.
Wedding ring off or on: On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. :)
Looking forward to: Watching these littles grow each week!

Babies 1st Pictures!

The yolk sack
Our appointment this afternoon was great! Dr Murrain told us that according to when my cycle was and how far along the embryos were, we were 5 weeks and 1 day along with a due date of Oct 10th! We saw that there was beautiful little border sack with a little yolk sack in there too. The little was measuring at 9.55mm which is 5 weeks and 5 days measurement!

Also my cervex was 42.02mm long and closed. Which is perfect! And according to Dr Murrain my uterus is the size of a plum, which is why I can feel stuff going on in there.

He did also say that it was a singleton as of now. So we will see what next week brings! He also said that we could see the heartbeat in the next 5 days too, but we weren't able to get an appointment until next tuesday. So weekly updates it is! 
5 weeks and 1 day!

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