Friday, January 8, 2016

Round 6/2 - Day 3

Do I call it round 6 over all or round 2 of FET? 

Regardless, here we go again! 

We love that we got to just dive into this round after only a month off to let my body rest. Good thing the holidays and my little sisters wedding was tucked in there and it feels like time just flew by!

Wasn't she just beautiful?!

We actually started this round with Lupron shots on the 26th of Dec. Again they were to tell my body to night ovulate this month. Then my first (Day 3) appointment was on wed. Overall it was a perfect appointment in that 95% of everything checked out. There may or may not have been a little gas pocket. Literally. On the ultrasound there was an area that was pulsating that they questioned and they think it is gas. Hehe. I am definitely doing a little cleanse over the weekend to clear that out so that there is no question that we are good to go moving forward. They will check it on Tuesday's appointment to make sure it is either gone or the same, but has not grown.

But the day I started my cycle I dropped my Lupron shot from 10 units to 5 units. Then once I was given the go ahead after my Day 3 appointment I continued the Lupron, but added in the dreaded estrodial (estrogen). At this point I am just taking 2 mg every 12 hours. So it hasn't made me crazy yet. But I am on the look out! And I am putting on Orange Essential Oil and a blend called Joy to preempt any crazy that wants to come around.

I also need good verses about joy if you have them! I want to make sure that I give Thomas help!

Also, I just finished this book. It has been recommended so many times, but as always God's timing is perfect and  I read it right when I needed too. It is a collection of stories from her life infused with recipes that look amazing. The thing I loved the most is that parts of her story include miscarriage and struggles getting pregnant, but it always gave the hope aspect as well as the hard. Beautifully written.

I have a few appointments next week.

Day 9 - Jan 12th (tues)
Day 11 - Jan 14th (thurs)
Day 14 - Jan 17th (sun) - For IVF this would be extraction day!!
Day 19 - Jan 22 - Most likely transfer day!
Followed by 4 days of bed rest and 15 days until the beloved test day.

I also added acupuncture back in and I forgot how incredibly relaxing those appointments are!

So now that you have all the details, here is how I am feeling.
Calm and organized.

So many of you have stuck with us through all of our crazy adventure. I know that when I have the "again?!" moments when we start up another round, I can only imagine you all feeling the same. I am feeling done. Not sure what that means, but that is where I am at. But seriously, I feel 100x more excited about this round then last. I have no idea why other then maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was relaxed last time because we had extra embryos if it didn't work. Maybe I just have an unnatural peace and hope about this round working. Maybe I am trying to speak it into existence. What ever it is, I am going with it.

Oh and by the way? We are putting all 3 embryos in this time.
World, be prepared for some Kucera triplets!
I am speaking that into existence too while I am at it.

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